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Did You Know...

... that two months are left to change the Indoor Cloud League 2019 leaderboards?

First scores and videos on November leaderboard: iFLY Jacksonville team
posted Nov 18th, 2019 - The October competition of the Indoor Cloud League was one of the closest in the history of the event. Five of the six teams on the 14+ leaderboard finished within 12 points, and only newcomer iFLY Jacksonville finished far behind in the team's second month of participation.

However, the two submitted scores and videos from iFLY Jacksonville were actually competitive, and the new ICL team followed up with four submissions for the month of November, which have already been posted.

Five different ICL teams posted the highest scores for the month of October, disregarding the three additional highscores for the technical sequences (AAA - AA - A) on the 12+ leaderboard. The Czech team at the Hurricane Factory was the only ICL team that claimed two highscores, one performed by the HF Cubs (AAA), the second one by HF Flying Circus (AA).

Cubs and Flying Circus actually tied their 27-pointers for the AA sequence, and Jan Klapka decided to feature the 4-way Open Class team's video, as the Cubs also had the winning 23-pointer for the AAA sequence. The NSL News had reported yesterday that the new 4-way Women team and reigning 4-way Junior world champions outscored HF Flying Circus for the first time at the recent World Tunnel League competition with a 25.0 average. They still join forces for the Indoor Cloud League team of the Hurricane Factory.

Indoor Cloud League October 2019
Rank October 14+B,19,P,10 D,6,19 A,L,8 L,B,P M,A,L M,DTotal
1 Hurricane Factory  CZ  23 27 19 9 14 12 104
2 iFLY Seattle  US  20 22 12 21 12 15 102
3 iFLY Tampa  US  14 14 15 12 19 21 95
4 Paraclete XP  US  19 22 20 13 10 10 94
5 iFLY Dallas  US  15 16 17 14 20 10 92
6 iFLY Jacksonville  US  - - - 9 - 12 21
Rank October 12+ B,1,P,16 D,1,15 A,L,6 L,B,P M,A,L M,D Total
1 iFLY Orlando  US  16 14 9 15 18 23 95
2 iFLY SF Bay  US  18 13 11 20 10 11 83
Indoor Cloud League October 2019 - Highscores
iFLY Dallas team in October
Paraclete XP's A Class lineup (Cheryl Morgan, Matthew Alarif, Chris Halsan, Eric Harper) posted the highest score in this category and fended off the Czech 4-way Junior national team, HF Flying Rebels, by one point. Jan Klapka's M Team had tied the juniors' 19-pointer at the Hurricane Factory.

iFLY Seattle (Bill Selig, Issac Bahr, Shawna Williams, Deb Correia) posted the highest score for the first of the three Rookie Class sequences (RRR) and finished in 2nd place on the October leaderboard. Seattle Swift was back in action last month and posted the scores for the two Open Class sequences (AAA - AA). They finished in 2nd place behind the Czech teams in both categories.

Kyle Hermberg posted the highscore for the RR sequence at iFLY Dallas with Alex Zuttre and Raj Sarkar. His assistant coach Brandy Verhalen completed this lineup.

Finally, a Rookie Class lineup performing in a 12-foot flying chamber posted a highscore, as well. It was iFLY Orlando's R Class team (Nancie Smith, Suzette Hechst, Benjamin Hill, Amer Kassas) who won with a 23-pointer. The Best of October video also features the videos with the highest scores for the technical 12+ sequences (AAA - AA - A).

TeamsB,1,P,16 D,1,15 A,L,6 L,B,P M,A,L M,DTotal
Julius Frank, Rogier Carper, Mike Deglau, Lori Connor1813----31
Racheet Matai, Michael Stevens, Julius Frank, Rogier Carper-913----
Sylvain Florand, Ray Hebert, Kiran Shivaram, Achal Asawa--1120--31
Joshua Sloan, Vikas Bagur, Mike Deglau, Lori Connor----101110
Lauren Liddell, Jan Blaha, Sylvain Florand, Ray Hebert----101111

iFLY SF Bay's Best of October18131120101183

iFLY Seattle team in October
iFLY Orlando extended the lead on the 12+ leaderboard for the year after winning the duel with iFLY SF Bay the second consecutive month. The difference of 93 points seems to be a comfortable cushion for the remaining two months until the ICL 2019 season will be concluded.

The Hurricane Factory is in a comfortable position on the 14+ leaderboard, as well, where Paraclete XP have two months to cut into the lead. Paraclete XP does not have any serious challengers for 2nd place this year.

There is one open race though on the 14+ leaderboard. iFLY Seattle and iFLY Tampa are well withing striking distance of each other. Only 17 points separate the two ICL teams at the moment, and everything is possible until the end of the year. iFLY Dallas is not that far behind either, but two months are probably not enough to catch up with iFLY Seattle and iFLY Tampa.

The new sequences for the month of November are posted, together with the first scores and videos from iFLY Jacksonville.

iFLY Seattle - OctoberAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsB,19,P,10 D,6,19 A,L,8 L,B,P M,A,L M,DTotal
Seattle Swift2022----42
Bill Selig, Issac Bahr, Shawna Williams, Deb Correia--1221--33
Barbara Lindsay, Casey Chen, Katie Crabb, Dave Correia----121527

iFLY Seattle's Best of October202212211215102

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