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Did You Know...

... that Phoenix XP member Irina Meshcheryakova has joined iFLY Seattle's ICL team?

Texas ICL teams at the Dallas Super Cup
posted Sep 11th, 2019 - The Indoor Cloud League leaderboards for the month of August are finally complete, with the latest scores and videos coming from the iFLY wind tunnel teams in Seattle, Dallas and SF Bay.

Only Hurricane Factory and iFLY Dallas each missed a score for one category. Kyle Hermberg at iFLY Dallas had a complete Rookie Class team in his August lineup. However, FUP Ducks did not perform the R Class sequence and scored only the 7-pointer for the RR Class.

It's the same team that attended its first outdoor competition at the last meet of the Texas Skydiving League, the Dallas Super Cup. FUP Ducks competed in the Rookie Class (RRR) at the outdoor meet, after only a few training jumps. The team members are new in the sport and have been attending Kyle Hermberg's monthly 2-way events at iFly Dallas.

ICL organizer Kyle Hermberg said that he has seen great progress, and it was not a surprise that they felt ready to join the 4-way community. Next step after the Dallas Super Cup was the Indoor Cloud League event, and FUP Ducks decided not to take advantage of the player-coach slots and perform the sequences with their own complete lineup.

iFLY Dallas - AugustAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsJ,14,N,3 F,14,11 E,Q,9 Q,J,N M,E,Q M,FTotal
Get Schwifty!1615----31
Brandy Verhalen, Rebekah Le Gall, Scott Kucel, Lucas King--18---18
Brandy Verhalen, Leslie Sloan, Melody Storm, Lucas King---11--11
FUP Ducks----7-7

iFLY Dallas Best of August161518117-67

Three ICL lineups for six sequences: iFLY Seattle team in August
The FUP Ducks members came out of another program that Kyle Hermberg is running at iFLY Dallas, together with Brandy Verhalen and Michael Erickson. It's called the "The Architects" and follows the motto of "Building Better Flyers". FUP Ducks is the first team with individuals who started with the program, continued with the 2-way events and are now at the beginning of their 4-way career. Kyle Hermberg said that he follows the same traditional Indoor Cloud League philosophy at iFLY Dallas that Amanda Lampton and Scott Levy set in place: "We focus more on sharing the knowledge and helping skydivers develop than we do on posting top scores."

Another complete team performed the AAA and AA sequences for iFLY Dallas last month. Get Schwifty! competed in the AA/Intermediate Class competition of the USPA Nationals 2018, after their first meet at the Spaceland-Houston Pre-Nationals.

The Get Schwifty! members also attended Indoor Cloud League events regularly at iFLY Dallas before forming the team. Get Schwifty! has not competed at outdoor meets this year, while they are still scoring ICL points for iFLY Dallas.

Kyle Hermberg actually had a third complete team at his August event. It's Hammered Time also competed at the Dallas Super Cup and took on the ICL Open Class sequences (AAA - AA) in August. They could not outscore Get Schwifty! and did not make it onto the iFLY Dallas leaderboard.

TeamsJ,14,N,3 F,14,11 E,Q,9 Q,J,N M,E,Q M,FTotal
Lori Connor, Will Savage, Rogier Carper, Jim Hopf13-----13
Sylvain Florand, Lukasz Weber, Mahlon Chute, Jim Hopf1313----13
Ray Hebert, Achal Asawa, Ron Put, Rogier Carper--20---20
Michelle Hart, Michael Stevens, Racheet Matai, Elan Moyal---18--18
Jeroen Habraken, Aditya Srinivas, Michelle Hart, Lori Connor----182543

iFLY SF Bay's Best of August131320181825107

Irina Meshcheryakova (2nd from left) with Phoenix XP
Djordje Mandaric needed only three teams at iFLY Seattle to cover the six ICL sequences last month. He had a very experienced player-coaching staff who guided the Rookie and A Class teams to the highest score in August behind Paraclete XP. The 25-point advantage over iFLY Tampa won back the 3rd place on the 2019 leaderboard.

He also had a new AAA Class competitor, who will make the iFLY Seattle only stronger in the near future. Irina Meshcheryakova is the newest member of Phoenix XP, who are aiming at qualifying as the U.S. national team in 4-way Women for the next world meet in Tanay 2020.

She has moved from Chicago to Seattle, and Djordje Mandaric welcomed her to his Indoor Cloud League team. He said that the iFLY Seattle team will be seeing more of her in the future, probably more likely in a coaching position.

Irina Meshcheryakova joined Phoenix XP this year and competed with her new team for the first time at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship. Round 1 of the USPA Nationals 2019 is scheduled for Monday morning. Djordje Mandaric has scheduled the September event of the Indoor Cloud League for the end of September and after the national championship.

iFLY Seattle - AugustAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsJ,14,N,3 F,14,11 E,Q,9 Q,J,N M,E,Q M,FTotal
Bill Selig, Irina Meshcheryakova, Shawna Williams, Djordje Mandaric1514----29
Gary Dutton, Lisa Orchard, Slavko Pesic, Denis Pershakov--1815--33
Katie Crabb, Brian Olmsted, Dave Correia, Deb Correia----202545

iFLY Seattle's Best of August151418152025107

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