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Did You Know...

... that six Formation Skydiving competitors were on double duties at Weembi Lille?

Michelle Karamon and Jeana Billings with Ranch 2nd Generation
posted May 10th, 2019 - The NSL News pointed out earlier how Nephtys Weembi and French 8-way member Pamela Lissajoux turned out to become the most successful Formation Skydiving competitor of the FAI Indoor World Meet.

However, she was only slightly ahead of two other female 4-way competitors with her medal collection at Weembi Lille. Jeana Billings and Michelle Karamon won their own medals in two events, as well, and they were direct opponents in both cases. They won the 8-way gold medals with Paraclete XP8, where Pamela Lissajoux placed 2nd with the French 8-way team.

Pamela Lissajoux took the 1st place in the double-duty rankings, after she won FAI gold in 4-way Women, where Jeana Billings and Michelle Karamon finished in 3rd place with Paraclete XPG4.

None of the three most successful medalists at the indoor world meet will continue with both teams. Pamela Lissajoux plans to take a longer break before considering her next step. Jeana Billings and Michelle Karamon both continue with XP8 while re-joining their own 4-way team, Ranch 2nd Generation. They will be back for more double-duty events this year, at least at the USPA Nationals 2019.

1Pamela LissajouxFranceNephtys WeembiFrance 8-way--
2Jeana Billings, Michelle KaramonU.S.A.Paraclete XP8-Paraclete XPG4-
3Vladimir Pavlenko, Valentin IlinRussia--Tanay 8Black Cat
4Anna BaranskaPoland---FlySpot Sky4Four, Why Not?
Pamela Lissajoux with Nephtys Weembi and the French 8-way team
Valentin Ilin (2nd from left) and Vladimir Pavlenko (right) with Black Cat
image by: Federation Francaise De Parachutisme
Only Vladimir Pavlenko and Valentin Ilin did the same between 8-way Open and 4-way Open. Similar to the XPG4 situation, the other two Black Cat members (Alexander Golovkin, Alexander Kvochur) did not compete in 8-way.

There was very tough competition in these two events, as well, and the 4-way Open Class teams are usually still scoring higher than the 4-way Women teams.

Black Cat's 28.7 average would have won the 1st place on the 4-way Women leaderboard, while it was only good enough for the 6th place in the field of 4-way Open Class indoor experts.

The two Russian 4-way and 8-way competitors each ended up with one 8-way bronze medal and behind the three female contestants in the double-duty rankings.

There was one additional and different approach to the same topic, where a female competitor posted scores on the 4-way Open Class leaderboard, and also in 8-way.

Jeana Billings and Michelle Karamon with Paraclete XP8 and Paraclete XPG4

Anna Baranska (top right) with Why Not?
image by: Federation Francaise De Parachutisme
Anna Baranska has been a member of Poland's national 4-way team in 4-way Open, FlySpot Sky4Four, since 2015, together with her husband Michal Baranski, a founding team member of 2014.

FlySpot Sky4Four competed first at the World Challenge, where they finished with a new 22.7 team record average, the first 22+ number. Then they followed up with the team's first 23+ average at the indoor world meet, where Anna Baranska competed with the newly formed 8-way team Why Not? at the same time.

Why Not? had the only all-female 8-way lineup at the indoor world meet, and they gave the British 8-way team MicroClim8 a good competition at the bottom of the 8-way leaderboard. The 20.7 average was the first score for the 8-way team from Poland, who had the two Olczyk sisters in the lineup (Dominika, Zaneta). They competed with their Olczyk family team in the past. Mother Agnieszka Olczyk was the 8-way alternate at Weembi Lille.

Anna Baranska did not win a medal with her 4-way/8-way double duties. However, the 4-way record average with FlySpot Sky4Four and the first 8-way team from Poland at a world meet make for a very successful combination, as well...

Anna Baranska with FlySpot Sky4Four and Why Not?

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