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Did You Know...

... that two Czech 4-way juniors will write new history at the FAI Indoor World Meet?

HF Junior Cubs in 2015
posted Feb 19th, 2019 - The NSL News reported in earlier stories that the Czech HF Junior Cubs have been rotating through the four slots with their five members for a few years. The young Czech 4-way ladies have also been helping out increasingly when the HF Chicks did not have a complete lineup available.

Eventually, Tereza Zívalová left the HF Cubs and joined the HF Chicks as a team member in November 2018, one month after winning the bronze medals with the Czech 4-way Junior team at the FAI Indoor World Cup 2018. The HF Chicks competed at the same event in 4-way Women and finished in 5th place.

Bahrain turned out to be the last competition for the HF Chicks with the complete senior lineup. Former HF Cubs member Tereza Zívalová replaced Klára Eliášová in November 2018, and the HF Chicks had a complete makeover after the two meets in December and January.

Only original HF Chicks member Eva Turkova continues with a very young senior lineup. Her new team mate Tereza Zívalová is back together with Sabina Cioleková who was her original HF Junior Cubs team mate in 2015. Sabina Cioleková is still training and competing with the HF Cubs at the same time.

World Tunnel League February 2019
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class 18,G,14 6,9,F A,3,15 N,16,1 7,M,5 17,C,E,13 Q,J,K,10 20,H,2 B,4,8 19,22,12 Total Avg
1 HF Flying Circus CZ 20 30 21 23 30 22 25 22 21 17 231 23.1
2 HF Chicks CZ 18 29 22 19 29 23 23 20 19 15 217 21.7
3 HF Cubs CZ 19 22 23 21 29 23 18 22 20 17 214 21.4
4 Skydive University Slovakia SK 17 25 18 17 23 18 18 15 18 14 183 18.3
5 Sky.... CZ 15 23 17 15 23 17 19 16 12 11 168 16.8
6 Tampa Kickers US 14 23 14 17 24 16 17 14 15 11 165 16.5
7 SCZ ZEUS US 12 22 15 14 21 15 16 12 13 10 150 15.0
8 M Team CZ 14 20 10 13 19 12 13 10 12 11 134 13.4
9 Accord CZ 11 15 12 9 14 11 13 12 13 8 118 11.8
HF Cubs at the FAI Indoor World Cup 2018
Eva Turkova has a second 4-way junior in her new HF Chicks lineup. Adela Vesela has been an HF Junior Cubs member since 2016 and won the FAI bronze medals together with Sabina Cioleková and Tereza Zívalová in October last year.

This means that Adela Vesela and Sabina Cioleková are training and competing with two different teams, with the HF Chicks in 4-way Women, and with the HF Cubs in 4-way Junior.

Double duties in more than one team are neither unusual at events of the Indoor Cloud League nor at the World Tunnel League meets.

The February competition of the World Tunnel League at the Hurricane Factory featured the internal competition between HF Chicks and HF Cubs, with Adela Vesela and Sabina Cioleková in both lineups. The competition videos are showing them in the same slots for both teams.

The new HF Chicks won only due to a terrible Round 2 for the HF Cubs, who gave up seven points in this one round. Both teams were separated by three points after Round 10. The HF Cubs won six of the ten rounds over the HF Chicks and even outscored HF Flying Circus in Round 3.

HF Chicks and HF Cubs at the February meet of the World Tunnel League at the Hurricane Factory

Youngest HF Chicks lineup in team history
HF Chicks and HF Cubs both posted their scores on the AAA Class leaderboard in February, after performing the same ten sequences. This will be different at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2019 in April.

Both teams and manager Jan Klapka have agreed that Adela Vesela and Sabina Cioleková will once again compete for two different teams at the two different events in Lille, in 4-way Women (AAA) with the HF Chicks, and in 4-way Junior (AA) with the HF Cubs.

The FAI/IPC rules allow participants to compete in different events. The 4-way and 8-way combination has been the most popular one in the past, and the Canadian team Evolution won FAI medals in 4-way Open and 4-way VFS in Prostejov 2014.

It will be the first time in Formation Skydiving history for the combination of 4-way Women and 4-way Junior. FAI medals are almost guaranteed for Adela Vesela and Sabina Cioleková in 4-way Junior, while there is tough competition in 4-way Women. However, the AAA Class scores of the new HF Chicks lineup with three Cubs are promising...

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