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Did You Know...

... that High Five added two more points to the Czech Indoor Cloud League December total?

Rookie Class gold: High Five at the ESL Championship 2018
posted Dec 29th, 2018 - The Hurricane Factory was the first Indoor Cloud League team that posted December scores on the 14+ leaderboard, as the NSL News reported on December 25th. It was the same story that pointed out how heavily the Czech 4-way junior teams contribute to the ICL account.

However, it was a 4-way senior team that eventually outscored the HF Flying Rebels for December's RRR Class sequence and added two extra points to the previous total of 143 points. High Five turned the highest Czech score in this category from 20 to 22 points for a December total of 145.

Two points could be very important, as Hurricane Factory and Paraclete XP were separated by only six points (1316 - 1310) at the end of November, and Jan Klapka gladly updated the Czech account with the new score and the video that High Five submitted.

High Five is currently performing the A and RRR sequences after moving up into the A Class with the beginning of the new indoor winter season. The A Class dive pool and rules can also create RRR Class sequences in a regular competition, and High Five improved the RRR score of the Flying Rebels.

Hurricane Factory - DecemberAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsO,11,H,17 Q,9,11 E,N,7 D,O,H M,E,N M,QTotal
HF Flying Circus2629----55
HF Cubs2327-----
M Team141922---22
High Five--1622--22
HF Flying Rebels-151720213021
HF Dragonflies-151519212925
HF Flying Chameleons-1010111416-

Hurricane Factory's Best of December262922222125145

High Five in A Class action
High Five had competed for the last time in the RRR Class at the ESL Championship 2018 in Saarlouis where they took the 1st place on the Rookie Class leaderboard. The NSL News met the Czech team for a live NSL Talk that was published with the story on September 23rd.

High Five with a new team member then attended the two WTL/ETL indoor meets in November and December where they were the only A Class team at the Hurricane Factory.

The 20 rounds of the two draws created 14 sequences with the eight new blocks of the A Class dive pool. The other six sequences had only random formations, as they could have been drawn for a Rookie Class competition. The 22-pointer that High Five scored for the December sequence of the Indoor Cloud League competition (D-O-H) was the second highest team number for a RRR sequence.

High Five also performed the A Class sequence for December and was in the middle of the Czech mix in this category. They improved the A Class meet average from 12.8 in November to 15.5 in December, and the first indoor competition in 2019 will probably generate a new team record average...

ESL Championship 2018
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank Rookie H,P,O Q,N,B K,E,L G,C,J D,H,P M,F,A O,E,Q N,K,G L,B,D C,H,J Total Avg
1 High Five  CZ  18    12 -1 12    9 -2 11 -1 20    17    9    12    -    120 13.3
2 Flying Cowboys  DE  11 -1 10    8    1 -1 4    5    10 -3 6    10    -    65 7.2
3 Mach 4  DE  2 -1 4 -1 4 -1 2 -2 4 -1 7    6    3    2 -1 -    34 3.8
World Tunnel League December 2018
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank A Class B,E,G J,7 9,N C,H,M Q,L,O 6,21 A,P,F K,D,8 4,2 19,O Total Avg
1 High Five  CZ  20 18 16 24 19 11 12 14 9 12 155 15.5
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