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Did You Know...

... that the HF Flying Circus progression is even accelerating?

HF Flying Circus this week at the Hurricane Factory
posted Dec 15th, 2018 - The Czech teams were once again the first to complete the ten rounds of the World Tunnel League December competition, and HF Flying Circus continue to make the headlines.

The NSL News story on November 26th had featured the bronze medal battle between the Czech AAA Class team and Out of the Blue from the Netherlands at the ISR Grand Prix 2018. Both teams had finished with new team record averages at the end of the 8-round competition in Roosendaal.

The same story concluded that "HF Flying Circus HF Flying Circus is now dangerously close to the 23+ level and will probably show it at some point at the next indoor meets".

It did not take too long until Flying Circus followed up with the team's first 23+ average. In fact, it happened less than three weeks after the 22.8 average at the ISR Grand Prix, and it was the very next competition at the Hurricane Factory where the Czech team moved up to the next performance level with the 23.4 average this week. The new team record average has an even higher value, as all Czech teams completed ten rounds with 20 of the 22 blocks, including both new ones (1 and 13).

World Tunnel League December 2018
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class 3,B,5 15,J,7 9,16,18 17,C,H,M 14,Q,11 L,6,21 A,P,F,20 K,D,22,13 1,4,12 19,O,8 Total Avg
1 HF Flying Circus  CZ  24 26 23 32 20 22 33 18 16 20 234 23.4
2 HF Bad Cubs  CZ  22 26 20 33 19 22 29 21 17 18 227 22.7
3 HF Chicks  CZ  22 24 19 25 19 19 29 15 14 19 205 20.5
4 Skydive University Slovakia  SK  15 18 15 24 15 17 21 15 12 16 168 16.8
5 Sky....  CZ  18 18 15 24 15 17 20 15 11 12 165 16.5
6 Accord  CZ  13 15 10 20 9 13 13 11 10 12 126 12.6
7 M Team  CZ  11 16 12 12 8 14 17 13 8 11 122 12.2
HF Flying Circus and HF Bad Cubs at the World Tunnel League December competition in the Hurricane Factory
22.7 average in the AAA Class: HF Bad Cubs
HF Flying Circus started with 4-way competition in the Rookie Class of 2014. Dagmar Bezdekova, Martina Vavackova and Lukas Kaderabek had Hanka Weinlichova in the original lineup. Jakub Klapka joined the team when they moved up into the A Class of 2015, and the lineup has not changed ever since.

The team moved on with the AA Class dive pool and sequences after a short year in the A Class and made the final step into the AAA Class at the beginning of the 2016/2017 indoor winter season.

HF Flying Circus has attended a total of 28 AAA Class meets since November 2016, which equals at least one 4-way competition per month. The results of the meet experiences are obvious, and the progression has recently even accelerated (20.4 - 21.8 - 22.8 - 23.4) through the first four meets of the 2018/2019 indoor season.

The Czech AAA Class team still has plenty of time and World Tunnel League meet opportunities to settle at the 23+ average before the FAI Indoor World Meet 2019 or even move up to the 24+ average level.

The HF Bad Boys had competed for the Czech Republic at the last FAI Indoor World Meet in Montreal 2017 (11th - 21.9) and HF Flying Circus is on the way to secure the first Top 10 spot of a Czech 4-way team at Weembi Lille in April 2019.

Scoring progression of HF Flying Circus since 2014
Bad Boys' Jan Klapka with M(irek) Team
The HF Bad Boys may come back with their complete lineup next year and try to put domestic pressure on the new national indoor and outdoor team. In the meantime, three of the Bad Boys train and compete with other Czech teams. Jan Klapka has been a player-coach for the M(irek) Team and filled an open slot for the Skydive University team from Slovakia this week.

Two of Jan Klapka's Bad Boys team mates (Marian Jeziak, Jan Lukavec) joined forces with two 4-way juniors of the HF Cubs, who impressed the audience earlier with their own complete lineup. First they had won the bronze medals in 4-way Junior at the FAI Indoor World Cup 2018 in Bahrain and posted the highest score of the competition with the 54-pointer in Round 6.

Then they completed their first AAA Class competition with a 20.3 average at the November meet of the World Tunnel League before leaving all AA Class team in the dust at the ISR Grand Prix 2018.

Now the HF Bad Cubs, with Marian Jeziak and Jan Lukavec in the lineup, finished with a 22.7 average not too far behind HF Flying Circus on the AAA Class leaderboard. The complete HF Cubs lineup will probably challenge the best Czech AAA Class senior teams in the near future. However, the HF Cubs will switch back to AA Class competition at least one more time and try to turn the FAI 4-way Junior bronze medals into silver or even gold at Weembi Lille in April...

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