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Did You Know...

... that two current 4-way world record owners are looking forward to watching Round 6?

3-point lead after Round 1: Golden Knights
posted Oct 7th, 2018 - The first meet day of the FAI World Meet 2018 went by quickly and smoothly. The 4-way Open Class competition is wide open between the three giants, even though NMP PCH HayaBusa has a 6-point lead after Round 4.

The reason for this unlikely assessment is Round 6. Even the Belgian world champions and other 4-way experts confirm that the Super Sequence can change any situation and the rankings after Round 5 significantly.

Especially Arizona Airspeed is closer to HayaBusa than it seems. It was only one single round, the meet opener, that created the 6-point distance to the leader.

The Aerodyne Weembi Girls are tied with the French Open Class team, Aerodyne Realfly, and would be in the bronze medal position on the Open Class leaderboard after four rounds, three points behind the 2nd place. NFTO owns the silver medals in 4-way Women, while there is a great battle for the 3rd place in this category.

SDC Core in 4-way VFS and Golden Knights in 8-way made clear in Round 1 that the gold medals in these two categories are supposed to remain in U.S. possession.

Vladimir Pavlenko with the Tanay 8-way team

The NSL News found two of the 4-way world record holders, the 56-pointer at the FAI World Meet 2010 in Menzelinsk.

Jeremie Rollet, currently coaching the Qatar Tigers, remembered the fast sequence and a flawless performance by his own team, the French 4-way Open Class world champions of 2010.

He said that it was a challenging situation, as the fast round came early in Round 2, and that a bad round could have put any team far behind.

This time, the Super Sequence was drawn for Round 6, which will most likely be completed today.

Vladimir Pavlenko of the Russian Sky Panthers Barkli is looking forward to watching Round 6, when he will either and maintain or lose his 4-way world record. He was on his way to Round 2 in 8-way with the Russian national team from Tanay.

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