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Did You Know...

... that the shuttle bus ride to the boarding area at Gold Coast includes free wildlife observation?

Boarding area at the FAI World Meet 2018
posted Oct 7th, 2018 - Finally it was time for real action at the FAI World Meet 2018, with Round 1 on Sunday morning.

This first round was history at the end of the 4-way day when all teams in 4-way Open and 4-way Women had completed the first four rounds of the meet. The weather was much better than expected, and there was never an interruption of the meet flow throughout the whole day. Meet Director Bryan Burke took full advantage of the favorable weather and completed as many rounds as possible.

The InTime competition videos of the first four rounds are available on the leaderboard, and the NSL News used the morning time to record the activities before Round 1 for the latest NSL-TV video clip.

The NSL-TV camera followed the teams of the very first competition load in the bus shuttle to the boarding area on a private small airport nearby. Echochamber (Sweden), Amnesya (Italy) and CTR Optimum (Brazil) were the first three teams in the jump order of the 4-way Open Class competition at the FAI World Meet 2018.

Kangaroos near the Runaway Bay Sports Super Centre
The bus ride to the boarding area included the viewing of typical Australian wildlife, and it was a special one. It is not very difficult to spot a kangaroo anywhere.

In fact, there are plenty of them in very close proximity to the Runaway Bay Sports Super Centre. One of the bus shuttle drivers explained during the ride that there are roughly two kangaroos per Australian citizen all across the country.

It is more unusual to find the popular koala bear, and the first competition load of the day was so lucky to see the animal on the access road to the airport.

It was an early morning for some of the teams and competitors. The night from Saturday to Sunday brought a 1-hour time change to the visitors from across the world, and some of them were not prepared for the situation, including the NSL News correspondent. However, the early teams had some extra time to prepare for Round 1, and the NSL News had the opportunity for unexpected conversations...

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