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Did You Know...

... that iFLY Sacramento extended the lead on the ICL 12+ leaderboard?

New AAA Class lineup for iFLY Sacramento
posted Aug 14th, 2018 - Bad weather was in the way off a successful Dallas Super Cup this year, and the worst wild fires in history in Northern California are a major obstacle for outdoor training and competition, as well.

Teams in Northern Calfornia have at least the opportunity to compensate for the lack of outdoor training and competition with the monthly Indoor Cloud League and Tunnel Kicker activities. August is also a month with the next World Tunnel League meet, and the most recent scores will be posted soon.

The series of extremely tight ICL competition between iFLY Sacramento and iFLY SF Bay on the 12+ leaderboard has come to an end for now. The two different ICL teams in Northern California, both organized by Lori Connor, were separated by one single point (324 - 323) for the total in the last three months (April - May - June).

The Florida Skydiving League team at iFLY Orlando was a part of this exciting ICL competition, as well, but only in February, March and April. The FSL team has fallen too far behind in the following three months.

Indoor Cloud League 2018JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecTotal
Flying Chamber: 12+ Feet
1iFLY SacramentoUS10111711011111010395-----747
2iFLY SF BayUS1021018710911010488-----701
3iFLY OrlandoUS88100111111859477-----666
AA Class winner in July: iFLY Orlando
iFLY Sacramento now won the July competition by seven points over iFLY SF Bay, which is a large margin compared to the previous results, and extended the 2018 lead to 46 points.

It was once again the strength of the Rookie Class lineups that created the 7-point difference in July. The iFLY SF Bay team won the three technical sequences (AAA - AA - A) by five points, while the Sacramento rookies (RRR - RR - R) were 12 points ahead for the 7-point advantage.

The iFLY Tampa team won three categories in July (AA - A - R) and still ended up behind after missing a score for the AAA sequence.

iFLY Sacramento put up a good competition for the two Open Class sequences (AAA - AA), even though iFLY SF Bay won the technical part of the six ICL categories. The DeLoreans used to collect good numbers of ICL points in these categories for iFLY Saramento and kept up well with iFLY SF Bay's Cali4nia Raptors. The DeLoreans have not been available in June and July, and a new lineup, with two DeLoreans (Lori Connor, Matt Stephens) and two new AAA Class competitors (James Cain, Abbie Crews) is now posting AAA and AA scores for iFLY Sacramento.

TeamsO,15,K,3 C,9,15 H,J,6 O,K,P M,H,J M,CTotal
Juius Frank, Deanna Frank, Eric Gin, Lori Connor1416----30
Sylvain Florand, Lukasz Weber, Ron Ashcraft, Deanna Frank-13(-1)19---19
Mark Fosbury, Laura Reed, Michael Beaudreau, Julius Frank--1115--15
Ron Put, Maria Sheets, Eric Gin, Lori Connor--1726---
Val Ryabov, Whitney Russell-Holcomb, Deanna Frank, Julius Frank---1312(-1)1224

iFLY SF Bay's Best of July14161915121288

Strong Rookies at iFLY Sacramento
The iFLY SF Bay lineup for the same two sequences was still too strong, even though the complete Cali4nia Raptors lineup was neither available. Deanna and Julius Frank had former Fastrax member Eric Gin in the lineup, who has now worked up his way back to the AAA Class dive pool in his comeback, and Lori Connor completed the lineup.

Lori Connor was filling in for iFLY SF Bay, as well, while she and Matt Stephens have been bringing up to speed their new AAA competitors at iFLY Sacramento. Their AAA/AA lineup with James Cain and Abbie Crews had started with a 10-pointer for the AAA sequence in June. Last month, they were competitive with 13 for the AAA and 15 for the AA sequence.

iFLY Orlando actually won the AA Class competition in July with Lee Perera, Bob Byrne, James Hall and Amer Kassas.

iFLY Sacramento (RR) and iFLY SF Bay (RRR) both had Rookie Class teams who scored higher than the officially posted numbers, while the lineups were not eligible any longer for the respective categories, according to the ICL rules.

iFLY Sacramento - JulyAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Teams O,15,K,3 C,9,15 H,J,6 O,K,P M,H,J M,CTotal
Matt Stephens, Lori Connor, James Cain, Abbie Crews1315----28
Lisa Larkin, Ron Ashcraft, Calli Waltrip, Lori Connor--16---16
Reed Lawson, Ryan Kihm, Jeff Sealy, Matt Stephens---1815-18
Lauren Brown, McKenzie Brown, Maria Sheets, Lisa Larkin---1828--
Monty Stephens, Nick Armstrong, Russ Hebert, Maria Sheets---14---
Kristen Smith, Jeannette Copeland, Abbie Crews, James Cain----1914(-1)33

iFLY Sacramento's Best of July13151618191495

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