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Did You Know...

... that HayaBusa's Dennis Praet competed for Aerodyne Weembi Girls?

Complete lineup with Pamela Lissajoux before the meet
posted Jul 11th, 2018 - NMP PCH HayaBusa, the reigning 4-way indoor and outdoor world champions from Belgium, have not posted any outdoor scores this year so far. They won the Wind Games in February and then the World Challenge in April over their strongest direct opponents, once again with impressive results.

However, no outdoor scores from Belgium have been posted, and the national championships in September will be the first and only outdoor event this year for HayaBusa before the World Championship of Formation Skydiving in October.

The Belgian world champions have been training exits from jump planes of course, especially the Cessna Caravan, and they know that they cannot afford too much rest or complacency. There is also one HayaBusa team member who was on an outdoor leaderboard last week, Dennis Praet.

The NSL News reported scores and information of the Coupe de France June competition on July 8th and copied the complete lineup of the Aerodyne Weembi Girls for the roster. Even photos from the event were showing the complete lineup in front of the camera.

Coupe de France - June 2018
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class 19,22,M 11,3,K 4,17,F 9,15,H E,G,12,D 6,21,10 20,2,5 C,O,A,L,16 J,18,B,1 14,13,P Total Avg
1 Aerodyne Weembi Girls 20 20 23 28 22 19 19 30 22 20 223 22.3
2 Aerodyne Realfly 21 18 25 29 25 20 18 31 18 16 221 22.1
3 Espoir Weembi Lille 15 13 10 14 15 12 11 16 12 5 123 12.3
With Dennis Praet (left) after a meet round
However, there was a last-minute change in the lineup. Outside Center Pamela Lissajoux has been dealing with a small muscle injury since the team's last training camp in Gap, France.

The team did not want to take chances that could jeopardize the almost guaranteed gold medals for France at the upcoming world meet, while they had committed to attend the Coupe de France competition in Maubeuge at the end of June.

HayaBusa member Dennis Praet has been helping the Aerodyne Weembi Girls with advice and tips for a while, as he spends private time with team member Clementine Le Bohec, inside center for the French team.

He was present in Maubeuge, as well, and was able to fill in when Pamela Lissajoux did not feel fit enough to go through the ten meet rounds from a Pilatus Porter.

Dennis Praet had 15 minutes to get ready for Round 1 when the final decision was made.

Ground work for Pamela Lissajoux in Maubeuge
Fortunately he is very familiar with the French team's techniques and engineering, and he is also a member of the front piece as the HayaBusa point.

It was still a very challenging task, as his Belgian team trains mostly from Cessna Caravan to get ready for the world meet. He did not only have to master the right-hand door of the Pilatus Porter in Maubeuge, he was also in his B-slot, the outside center position for Aerodyne Weembi Girls.

The ten meet videos are featuring the French national team in 4-way Women with Dennis Praet in Pamela Lissajoux's slot, and the challenging exits and sub-terminal pages are a part of the latest NSL-TV. Aerodyne Weembi launched only a few complete exit formations, lost a few points on the hill and were only in full action when the first part of the 35 seconds working time was successfully left behind.

The three French team members kept up well with Dennis Praet, who fit into the slot with size and shape, as well. The earlier update explained that the French 4-way Women team outscored the 4-way Open Class team, Aerodyne Realfly, for the first time since December 2015 in Maubeuge a week ago. It does not really count, and the French duel continues as soon as Pamela Lissajoux is back in the lineup...

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