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Did You Know...

... that that all nine A Class teams from the United Kingdom and Germany posted highscores last weekend?

A Class winner last weekend: Paranodon Futura
posted Jun 16th, 2018 - The new scores of the first eight rounds at the Paraclete XP Summer Classic 2018 are on the leaderboard, while the NSL News is not done yet with last weekend's results.

The previous scores were generated at the Paranodon Cup 2018 in Germany and the June meet of the United Kingdom Skydiving League (UKSL). The NSL News covered the AAA Class competition on 13 June 2018 and then followed up with the AA Class.

As in the AA Class of the UKSL meet, all six British teams had launched their 2018 outdoor season at the UKSL May meet, where they were alone on the exclusively British leaderboard. Last weekend, three German teams joined the A Class leaderboard and embedded all six UKSL teams between them, two in the top spots and one on the bottom.

Paranodon Joker finished with a higher average after all ten rounds and was behind Rubix after the six rounds that were completed at Skydive Langar.

June 9th, 2018
RankA ClassK,E,OM,21G,L,19B,P,4A,N,CJ,9TotalAvg
1Paranodon Futura DE 12  8-112-112  10  16  7011.7
2Calimeros DE 11  10  11  13  10  12  6711.2
3Cloudbusters UK 11  10  7-110  13  8-1599.8
4Nebula UK 11  10  5  8  10  9  538.8
5RAFSPA Meteor UK 8  4-17  7-110  9  457.5
6Flying Fossils UK 8-27-15-16  8  8  427.0
7Volt4ge UK 6-28  5-13-24  7  335.5
8Rubix UK 6-15  5  3-12  4-1254.2
9Paranodon Joker DE 5  2-20  6  3  6  223.7
British A Class champion 2017: Jurassic Pork
All six British teams improved their May averages last weekend, and Cloudbusters almost made it to the 10-average level, once again finishing in 1st place. However, the three teams behind the winner in Langar reversed their slots this time, while Rubix and Volt4ge were in the same order after the six rounds.

Nebula had started their 2018 season at the World Challenge 2018, as the NSL News mentioned briefly in the earlier AA Class update. No other British A Class team of last weekend's UKSL meet had competed in Bedford in April, where Nebula posted a 16.3 average.

Flying Fossils had an even earlier start than Nebula. It was the UK Nationals 2017 where Flying Fossils won the UK bronze medals in the Rookie Class, one single point behind RAFSPA Shadow and Fireflies. The UKSL May meet was the team's first A Class competition (6.2) followed by last weekend's 7.0 average.

AA and A Class competition in the United Kingdom both promise the same exciting competition at the national championships as in 2017...

UKSL 2018 - May Meet
RankA ClassD,E,LN,B,K8,PO,19G,4J,6TotalAvg
2Flying Fossils797536376.2
3RAFSPA Meteor476456325.3
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