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... that there is no re-jump opportunity for an incorrect sequence?

AAA/AA pickup lineup for Florida
posted Jun 9th, 2018 - The Open Class competition on the 14+ leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League has become more exciting month by month, and the quality has gone up to a world class performance level.

The NSL News provided video evidence of the April competition with the story on 7 May 2018, and the top performances continued in May.

The AAA and AA sequences both could be drawn for any 4-way Open Class competition, and the monthly sequences for these two categories offer an opportunity for all teams in the highest class of 4-way competition to take on two sequences. The situation is the same for AA and A Class sequences, as well as for the A and RRR categories.

Last month, there were five teams who performed both Open Class sequences, including two national teams (Bad Boys, Czech Republic, 4-way Open and Phoenis XP, United States, 4-way Women). Four of the teams are well trained teams, while a pickup lineup of Florida Skydiving League competitors posted the scores for iFLY Tampa.

Indoor Cloud League 2018
RankMay 14+Q,7,N,12A,7,8Total
1HF Flying Circus CZ  23   24  47
1HF Bad Boys CZ 23  24  47
3Phoenix XP US  22-1 20-142
4Seattle Swift US  23   18-541
5iFLY Tampa US  18   18-136
Seattle Swift at the USPA Nationals 2017
The scores are showing clearly that consistent training creates a significant distance between well trained teams and other lineups, even though Florida presents a respectable performance.

There is still a 5-point difference between the pickup lineup and the well trained team in 4th place, Seattle Swift, after the two rounds.

It would be a 6-point difference to Phoenix XP without the five point deductions that Seattle Swift had to accept for the AA Class sequence.

The video shows that the Northwest Skydiving League team transferred the Phalanx (Random Formation Q) of May's AAA Class sequence (Q,7,N,12) into the AA sequence (A,7,8) which started actually with a Unipod (Random Formation A).

The 23 points in working time had to be cut to the posted 18-pointer, as the shown Phalanx was five times an incorrect formation.

Correct Unipods would have lifted Seattle Swift's total to 46 points, only one point short of the two Czech teams with the tied total of 47.

USPA Nationals 2017
RankAAA ClassO,4,9G,21,A,HN,D,J,14L,16,12K,19,6E,2,10P,11,1517,3,22F,7,1Q,5,M,20TotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusa BE 31  33  28-223-125  23  23-122  31  31  27027.0
2Arizona Airspeed US 27  32  29  22  24  22  21-123  29  29  25825.8
3SDC Rhythm XP US 29  31  28-123  22  20-123  19  28-129  25225.2
4Golden Knights US 24  26-128  22  18-319  20  19-124  23  22322.3
5Airspeed Odyssey US 25-123-127-119  22  19  19  17  23-123  21721.7
6Defiance US 24  24  26  18  19  17-119  16-124  22-120920.9
7GKBC US 24  19-424  15-217-117  18  16  23  20-119319.3
8Dallas 350 US 18  23  24  16  16-116  16  11  22  19  18118.1
9ISR FireFlash BE 21  22  19-114-217  16-114-216  20  19-117817.8
10SDMW NEXT XP US 15-325  17-317  15-216-116-115  23  14-317317.3
11Spaceland Lite US 19  22  19  12-217  14  13-18-219  17-116016.0
12Phoenix XP US 16-118  19  13  13-113-114  14  15-217  15215.2
13Long Shot US 16-114-115-213-113-114  12-212  16-117  14214.2
14Seattle Swift US 15-217  13-113  14  13  14  10-117  15-114114.1
15Arizona Alpha US 17  17  11-312-114  13-112  13  17  12-213813.8
16Perris Quicksilver US 15  17  12-311  11-113  12  10-116  13  13013.0
Seattle Swift in action
The same four teams were separated by only one single point for the 6-point AAA sequence with the slot-switching Block 12 (Bundy - Bundy) at the end, and Phoenix XP was close to the first Bundy and the 23rd scoring point, as well.

Seattle Swift is eligible to win USPA's Advanced Class gold medals this year after the 5th place in the Advanced Class competition of the USPA Nationals 2017, one single point behind a USPA bronze medal, and they will be one of the top contenders in this category.

Phoenix XP competed in the Open Class in Perris last year and was ahead of Seattle Swift at that time. The latest Indoor Cloud League scores indicate that the Northwest team has been catching up

NWSL and ICL organizer Deb Correia said that she considers the incorrect formation in the AA sequence a good learning opportunity for Seattle Swift. It is important to carefully check the sequences of a competition draw, even though it sounds so simple. There have been occasions at world championships where teams prepared an incorrect sequence, and there is no re-jump in such a case...

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