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Did You Know...

... that four Czech teams posted indoor and outdoor scores this month?

AAA Class awards in Prostejov last weekend
posted May 30th, 2018 - The teams in the Czech Republic launched their outdoor competition season with the first scores from Prostejov last weekend, as the NSL News reported on 28 May 2018.

The outdoor season does not keep the Czech teams from posting their Indoor Cloud League scores on the 14+ leaderboard, and ten teams competed for the highscores in the six categories for the Hurricane Factory.

The earlier story also mentioned that HF Flying Circus seem to have arrived on the top level of Czech 4-way outdoor performance, and the new Indoor Cloud League scores for the AAA and AA Class sequences confirm the serious challenge for HF Bad Boys, the national 4-way team and reigning indoor and outdoor champions.

HF Flying Circus and HF Bad Boys tied their scores for both sequences, and ICL organizer Jan Klapka rewarded the younger team with his son Jakub Klapka in the lineup with their videos for the 23-pointer in the AAA Class and also the 24-pointer in the AA Class.

4-way Junior team HF Cubs once again performed the AAA Class sequence with the slot-switcher for the front piece and also posted 17 points for the AA Class sequence, which could be drawn for a 4-way Junior competition at an FAI/IPC event.

Hurricane Factory - MayAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Bad Boys2324-----
HF Flying Circus2324----47
HF Cubs1917-----
PB Wave--132826-53
Ladies & Gentlemants--16----
HF Flying Rebels--101216--
HF Flying Chameleons--88811-
HF DragonFlies--12161819-

Hurricane Factory's Best of May232416282524140

Four of the six teams that had competed at the first 2018 meet of the Czech Skydiving League last weekend were also on the internal Indoor Cloud League leaderboard of the Hurricane Facory. HF Flying Circus, Accord and HightFive posted highscores and contributed to the total of 140 points for May.

Ony AAA Class outdoor meets since 2005: Accord
However, Jan Klapka told the NSL News that Ladies&Gentlemants will take away the A Class highscore (16) from Accord and score for the Hurricane Factory with an 18-pointer instead.

The latest submission from the Czech Republic will be added before the end of the month and will make it a final total number of 142 points for May.

Ladies&Gentlemants is specialized on the A Class dive pool and won the first outdoor competition in this category, while Accord has posted outdoor scores only in the AAA Class since 2005.

Last weekend's meet was actually the first outdoor competition for Ladies&Gentlemants after four indoor meets in the same category between November 2017 and April 2018.

Rookie Class HightFive attended two indoor meets at the Hurricane Factory this year before the outdoor debut last weekend.

Czech Skydiving League May 2018
RankAAA ClassP,7,F,218,19,14O,H,11,G9,K,L,N10,5,E13,3,164,22,QJ,1,6C,20,A,MB,D,21,17TotalAvg
1HF Flying Circus18  13  17-117-111  10  11  9  17  15   13813.8
2Sky....13  8  12-114  8-28  6-311  12  11   10310.3
3Accord6-46-19  7  6  5  9  10  11-19   787.8
RankA ClassP,719,FO,H,G9,K2,EN,84,QJ,6C,A,MB,D,21TotalAvg
1Ladies&Gentlemen11  0  15-310  10  9-24-38  13-111  919.1
2MM Team4-16  14  10  0  5-14-29  12-18-1727.2
1HightFive9  10-112  7-113  4-17-111  10-19-1929.2

The numerous Czech 4-way junior teams could not attend the outdoor competition, although some of them probably visited Prostejov together with their parents.

Two indoor meets before outdoor debut: HightFive
However, four of the junior teams posted their scores once again on the Czech Indoor Cloud League leaderboard for May.

They were all outscored by the senior teams this month, even though HF Cubs beat Accord in the AA Class.

The Czech national team in 4-way Junior has not been eligible for ICL A Class sequences any longer since November 2017, even though the monthly A Class sequences could be drawn for a 4-way Junior competition.

Indoor team PB Wave has one more opportunity to score for the Czech ICL team in two of the three Rookie Class sequences (RRR - RR).

The 26-pointer for the RR sequence had to be capped at 25 points, according to the new Indoor Cloud League rules and regulations for the 2018 season.

The next outdoor competition of the Czech Skydiving League is scheduled for the June 30 weekend.

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