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Did You Know...

... that HF Junior Cubs completed 28 meet rounds in April?

Skydive University Slovakia at the Czech Indoor Nationals
image by: Ruda Herak
posted Apr 30th, 2018 - A total of 25 teams posted their scores for the ten rounds of the World Tunnel League's April competition. Once again, the first six sequences fit into 12+ flying chambers, and seven teams were done after Round 6.

HF Flying Circus and HF Bad Boys took the first two places for the Czech Republic, and the Skydive University team from Slovakia have established themselves behind the best Czech teams on the AAA Class leaderboard and ahead of the U.S. teams so far.

All four leaderboards required adjustments due to the different number of rounds, even though the rankings did not change in the Rookie Class. The all-female junior lineup of the HF Dragonflies posted a new team record average at the WTL meet earlier this month (9.6) which they left behind in the dust just a few weeks later.

Viki Hlavnickova, Týna Jílkova, Lada Jirkovska and Kaja Svejdová finished with a 17.3 average in the same category after the ten rounds of the Czech Open Indoor Nationals last weekend. The second Czech team in the WTL Rookie Class competition, High Five, did not attend the national indoor championships.

World Tunnel League April 2018
RankAAA ClassC,7,F,321,16,156,L,17A,G,18,K5,11,JH,D,9,E14,13,M8,12,O19,1,N4,Q,22TotalAvg
1HF Flying Circus CZ 2419222321311817181821121.1
2HF Bad Boys CZ 2317222018281615171519119.1
3Skydive University Slovakia SK 2017211917281616161718718.7
4DeLoreans US 211413171325----10317.2
5Kickers 2.0 US 2015171416231415141316116.1
6Cali4nia Raptors US 161316121324----9415.7
7Sky.... CZ 1813161314211211131114214.2
8Accord CZ 151010128191311111112012.0
RankAA ClassE,7,1521,146,L,KA,G,1811,J,BH,D,92,138,O,M19,14,Q,22TotalAvg
1HF Cubs CZ 2118232217331220151519619.6
22Pairs US 191319161730----11419.0
3SCZ ZEUS Evolve US 1613171114221117121214514.5
4M Team CZ 12131514132381591113313.3
5Err Speed US 131014111120----7913.2
64Tune US 131113101219----7813.0
7Mimozemky CZ 1412151312191013101012812.8
8SCZ ZEUS Evolve 1.2 US 141112912179159611411.4
9SCZ ZEUS Evolve 1.2 US 10101310111781451010810.8
RankA ClassO,N,621,CL,K,7A,G,EJ,B,FH,D,92,P8,M19,O4,QTotalAvg
1Ladies&Gentlemants CZ 1912162037231316131418318.3
2Team Chet US 13811123418----9616.0
3Elements CZ 1310131428161113121014014.0
4HF Flying Rebels CZ 11121214211491171012112.1
5HF Chameleons CZ 77561055435575.7
1High Five CZ 2118171922132220191919019.0
2SkyBlam US 181211101613----8013.3
3HF Dragonflies CZ 15138612591189969.6
HF Junior Cubs lineup
The rankings neither changed in the A Class after the adjustment, even though the Czech Elements were much closer after six rounds than the averages indicate after Round 10.

Team Chet eliminated the 6-point deficit with the fast sequence of only random formations in Round 5 and won the last round and the 2nd place by two points.

Another U.S. team placed 2nd on the AA Class leaderboard. 2Pairs even managed to tie a round with the Czech winner, 4-way junior team HF Cubs, who have an all-female lineup, as well.

The HF Cubs completed 28 rounds of 4-way competition in April alone. First they posted the 19.6 average that won the AA Class competition of the World Tunnel League. Then they traveled to Norway and won the silver medals in 4-way Junior at the FAI European Indoor Championship 2018. A week later, they won the Czech indoor gold medals in the AA Class.

One of the three SCZ ZEUS Evolve lineups fended off two Czech teams in the AA Class, Mirek Team and Mimozemky, while ErrSpeed and 4Tune fell behind them after the 6-round adjustment.

World Tunnel League April 2018
RankAAA ClassC,7,F,321,16,156,L,17A,G,18,K5,11,JH,D,9,ETotalAvg
1HF Flying Circus CZ 24192223213114023.3
2HF Bad Boys CZ 23172220182812821.3
3Skydive University Slovakia CZ 20172119172812220.3
4Kickers 2.0 US 20151714162310517.5
5DeLoreans US 21141317132510317.2
6Sky.... CZ 1813161314219515.8
7Cali4nia Raptors US 1613161213249415.7
8Accord CZ 151010128197412.3
RankAA ClassE,7,1521,146,L,KA,G,1811,J,BH,D,9TotalAvg
1HF Cubs CZ 21182322173313422.3
22Pairs US 19131916173011419.0
3SCZ ZEUS Evolve US 1613171114229315.5
4M Team CZ 1213151413239015.0
5Mimozemky CZ 1412151312198514.2
6Err Speed US 1310141111207913.2
74Tune US 1311131012197813.0
8SCZ ZEUS Evolve 1.2 US 141112912177512.5
9SCZ ZEUS Evolve 1.2 US 1010131011177111.8
RankA ClassO,N,621,CL,K,7A,G,EJ,B,FH,D,9TotalAvg
1Ladies&Gentlemants CZ 19121620372312721.2
2Team Chet US 138111234189616.0
3Elements CZ 1310131428169415.7
4HF Flying Rebels CZ 1112121421148414.0
5HF Chameleons CZ 7756105406.7
1High Five CZ 21181719221311018.3
2SkyBlam US 1812111016138013.3
3HF Dragonflies CZ 151386125599.8
Kickers 2.0 lineup
The 2.0 version of the Florida Kickers had a tight battle with DeLoreans for the first U.S. spot behind the two Czech and one Slovakian teams.

The Kickers completed all ten rounds in the 14-foot flying chamber in Tampa, while DeLoreans were done after Round 6. They switched their ranking slots after the 6-round adjustment, as well.

Cali4nia Raptors, silver medalists at the USPA Nationals 2017, and DeLoreans crossed each other for the first time on the same World Tunnel League leaderboard.

The Raptors had posted a AAA Class 18.3 average in Northern California in December 2017, and DeLoreans followed up with almost exactly the same (18.2) in February 2018.

Both teams now shared the April leaderboard in the AAA Class, and DeLoreans won the internal Californian duel.

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