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Did You Know...

... that two NFTO members join forces with Volition for Great Britain in Norway?

NFTO with coach Gary Smith at the World Challenge 2018
posted Apr 13th, 2018 - The World Challenge 2018 was supposed to have a separate leaderboard in 4-way Women. Only two teams were interested in this category this year, and they ended up on the AAA Class leaderboard for all teams, even though host Paul Mayer had separate sets of medals available that he still handed out during the award ceremony.

NFTO, the British national team in 4-way Women, competed in Bedford and made the Top 10 of the AAA Class leaderboard for the first time at the team's third World Challenge. In fact, NFTO was the last team to make the final cut in 9th place.

The 24.4 average in Bedford was also the best one that NFTO has posted at an indoor competition and proves that the British team is on the way to compete for silver medals at the FAI World Meet 2018 in Australia later this year.

NFTO studies their potential opponents carefully, as they explained during the NSL Live Talk on World Challenge TV on the first day of the competition. They met only two competitors of the 4-way Women category at the World Challenge, who competed with Weembi Mix, Sophia Pecout and Christine Malnis. The NFTO members said that they are not really looking at the French national team as an opponent, as Aerodyne Weembi Girls seem to be out of reach for all other teams.

World Challenge 2018
RankAAA Class10,H,F,1320,6,2212,1,114,M,G,J9,B,P,AN,C,8,3K,7,L,D18,19,145,Q,2115,16,OTotalAvg
1NMP-PCH HayabusaBE3125253862324726313234934.9
2Weembi Mix MFFR2925244059334527323134534.5
3Arizona AirspeedUS2924233559264324332832432.4
5ACM WeembiUK2421212948213621252326926.9
6Gavroche WeembiFR2317173146253521262626726.7
7ISR FireFlashBE2317202845273521252426526.5
Weembi Mix at the World Challenge 2018
NFTO mentioned in Bedford that two of the team members were planning to travel to Norway shortly after the World Challenge and compete for Great Britain at FAI's new European Indoor Championships. They have joined forces with two Volition members (Kate Lindsley, Sian Stokes) who competed for the British delegation at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2017 after winning the qualification at the World Challenge 2017.

The situation in Norway is now reversed between Aerodyne Weembi Girls and NFTO, compared to the World Challenge. The French national team in 4-way Women is competing with the complete lineup, while NFTO has two new members. However, Sophia Pecout and Christine Malnis competed with Julien Degen and Roy Janssen in Bedford, while NFTO's lineup in Norway is eligible for the 4-way Women competition.

Aerodyne Weembi Girls are completely out of reach for the other teams in 4-way Women. In fact, the French team is tied with the leader in 4-way Open, Aerodyne Realfly, the French national team in 4-way Open. The NSL News will soon present the combined leaderboard of both 4-way events that use the identical competition draw.

FAI European Indoor Championships
Rank4-way WomenG,12,20F,16,22N,E,D,2117,L,418,14,O19,2,57,15,Q6,B,M,PK,11,98,H,J,C10,A,3TotalAvg
1Aerodyne Weembi GirlsFR2530392925273345---25331.6
3Bubble TroubleRU1725302423232439---20525.6
4Team XSE1924292419222631---19424.3
5No MercyPL1820242019192732---17922.4
6Voss Vind GirlsNO1519221716161926---15018.8
FAI silver medals: Bubble Trouble at the World Cup 2017 in Saarlouis
The NFTO members in Norway have the next opportunity to study the opponents in 4-way Women. The 25.9 average after Round 8 is the highest one in the team's history, and the two remaining rounds will probably allow all teams to maintain the current meet averages.

However, NFTO is facing very stiff opposition from a team that they expect to be one of the top contenders for the silver medals in Australia.

The Russian team Bubble Trouble had posted a 24.9 average in December last year at the Russian Indoor Nationals and confirms the scoring level strongly in Norway.

NFTO will have to show the team's best to fend off the Russian team that won the FAI silver medals at the FAI World Cup 2017. The indoor showdown with Bubble Trouble will be a good experience for the two NFTO members, who will have their own complete lineup facing the Russians in Australia.

The last two rounds in Norway are scheduled for Saturday, and Phoenix XP (United States) and Fuzion Voltige (Canada) will carefully study the performances in Norway...

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