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Did You Know...

... that the Czech AAA Class teams had another battle for the two spots on the Indoor Cloud League leaderboard?

HF Flying Circus at the World Challenge 2015
posted Mar 2nd, 2018 - The internal Czech AAA Class competition is getting tighter every month. The Indoor Cloud League February competition brought HF Chicks, HF Flying Circus and HF Bad Boys back together on the AAA Class leaderboard after performing the two Open Class sequences (AAA - AA) at the Hurricane Factory.

The same three teams were separated by one single point after posting their scores for both 14+ sequences last month.

HF Flying Circus actually won with a total of 39 points. However, the team's AAA Class video has not been submitted, and HF Bad Boys represent the Hurricane Factory with a 19-pointer in this category. All three teams tied each other with 19 points for the AA Class sequence.

There was actually a fourth Czech team taking on both Open Class sequences.

Hurricane Factory - FebruaryAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
HF Flying Circus2019----39
Bad Boys1919----38
HF Chicks1919----38
HF Flying Circus at the World Challenge 2017
Accord has been training the complete dive pool with coach Jan Klapka for a while and is not yet competitive on the Czech top level. However, the longest standing 4-way team in the Czech Republic, together with Bad Boys, now contributed heavily in the A Class with another 19-pointer for the Hurricane Factory.

That's the same category where another senior team tied Accord's 19-pointer, the M Team. Junior team HF Cubs is not even performing the A Class sequences any longer after competing in the AA Class, which is the official FAI/IPC Junior event, and practicing AAA Class sequences.

Mimozemky won the Czech RRR Class competition over three other junior teams and the new HighFive team in their fourth month of Indoor Cloud League competition.

The four junior teams (Cubs, Flying Chameleons, Flying Rebels, Dragon Flies) did not post any highscores for February. New senior teams are picking up the pace and get on the Czech leaderboard, even though the 4-way juniors are scoring higher, too.

Hurricane Factory - FebruaryAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Bad Boys1919----19
HF Chicks1919----19
HF Flying Circus2019-----
HF Cubs-14-----
M Team-1219----
Flying Rebels--121313--
HF Flying Chameleons--99911-
HF DragonFlies---10913-
PB Wave----19(-1)17(-1)36

Hurricane Factory's Best of February191919271917120

Picking up the pace: Accord
The next World Tunnel League meet is coming up soon for the Czech teams, and the 10-round competition draw for March will be the new serious test.

HF Flying Circus is also registered for the World Challenge 2018 where the team competed first in the Rookie Class of 2015 (1st - 23.1) and then came back to Bedford in the AAA Class of 2017 (18th - 19.9).

Flying Circus has beaten the 20+ benchmark two times ever since (21.1 - 21.2) and could climb up the leaderboard a few ranks with a 21+ average.

The NSL News will follow up soon with an updated Power Ranking of the World Challenge 2018.

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