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Did You Know...

... that the French Weembi Girls were the cleanest team at the Wind Games?

Fresh start at the FAI World Cup 2015: Realfly Sion
posted Feb 12th, 2018 - There has been a natural and friendly competition between the two French national 4-way teams, French Weembi Girls and Realfly Sion, that the NSL News has covered several times in the past.

The French national teams in 4-way Women have measured their own performance level for a long time with teams on the 4-way Open Class leaderboards, as they used to win their gold medals in this separate FAI/IPC category without much opposition.

This changed when the Golden Knights made a big effort to catch up to the top level in 4-way Women and eventually won the FAI/IPC gold medals at the FAI Mondial 2016. The Golden Knights discontinued, and only Jen Davidson became a member of the Golden Knights 8-way team. The French Weembi Girls were back to the same situation as years ago.

The internal French duel began when the new Open Class lineup was selected by new national coach Mathieu Bernier at the end of the 2014 season. Laurence Herve, French Girls world champion of 2014, Damien Gouriou, Kevin Mansion and Charles Rommel have been training and competing together ever since. Loic Campy is now filming the team.

Internal French competition between Realfly Sion and French Weembi Girls since 2015
Fresh start at the FAI World Cup 2015: French Weembi Girls
The French national team in 4-way Women had a personnel change before the current lineup of the French Weembi Girls was settled. Christine Malnis and Sophia Pecout, reigning 4-way Women world champions of 2014, continued first with Clementine Le Bohec and Anais Maillet in 2015, and Michel Laynaud has been on camera from the beginning of the 2015 start.

Pamela Lissajoux replaced Anais Maillet for the 2016 season, and one year was not enough time for the new lineup to get back up to the world's top spot. The Golden Knights won the world meet in the team's 6th year.

French Weembi Girls and Realfly Sion went neck to neck throughout the 2015 season and are still close to each other. However, the 4-way Open Class team took a more significantly lead in 2017 and was still quite far ahead at the most recent French showdown at the Wind Games 2018.

The combined AAA Class leaderboard shows Realfly Sion 22 points ahead of French Weembi Girls, while the 4-way teams in Empuriabrava had actually two different leaderboards. The French Weembi Girls won 500 Euro for their first place of three teams in 4-way Women, and Realfly Sion took home 1000 Euro for their 3rd place on the 4-way Open Class leaderboard.

Wind Games 2018
RankAAA ClassK,5,412,8,M19,2,17P,C,F,16D,B,9,N22,21,133,14,11G,L,E,Q,106,20,HA,O,18,1TotalAvg
1NMP-PCH HayabusaBE31(-2)262746(-1)54(-2)2324(-1)383132(-1)332(-7)33.2
2Arizona AirspeedUS29(-1)26274151(-2)2424353128(-1)316(-4)31.6
3Realfly SionFR29(-2)242742(-2)45(-3)22233529(-2)28(-1)304(-10)30.4
4Qatar TigersQA27(-1)252542(-2)41(-3)19(-1)20(-1)302827284(-8)28.4
5French Weembi GirlsFR2723253947(-1)1920302725282(-1)28.2
7Gavroche WeembiFR25(-2)2124(-1)4042(-2)17(-2)20(-1)312727274(-8)27.4
4-way Women awards at the Wind Games 2018
The NSL News explained earlier that the French Weembi Girls had alternate Gaelle Giesen in the lineup at the Wind Games, who is a member of one of the two French B-Teams, Espoir Weembi Saumur. It was no surprise that it was easier for the French 4-way Open Class team to stay ahead of the other French top team.

However, the French Weembi Girls performance with the alternate was very impressive. It was obvious that the team had to perform more conservatively without regular outside center Pamela Lissajoux in her slot. Result of the more cautious approach was the cleanest performance of all teams at the Wind Games.

The French Weembi Girls have only one red mark on the 10-round leaderboard. Arizona Airspeed was the cleanest team in the Top 10 of the 4-way Open Class competition. The cleanest team behind the French Weembi Girls competed in 4-way Women, as well. The VossVind Girls collected a total of three point deductions, and all of them in Round 1.

It could become more dangerous for Realfly Sion when the well trained lineup of the French Weembi Girls is back together - if they continue to stay out of judging trouble. The upcoming French Indoor Nationals 2018 will feature the next internal French 4-way showdown.

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