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Did You Know...

... that 4-way junior Kalle Pohjola from Finland is back with 22.8 on the AAA Class leaderboard?

Pro Team delegation at the World Challenge 2010
posted Feb 11th, 2018 - Kylian Forsans is not the only 4-way competitor who started in the 4-way Junior category (AA) and now competes as a 4-way senior in the AAA Class. He grew up as a 4-way competitor in the French Aerokart Ak'demie project, has recently become a full member of the Monaco Parachute and Indoor Skydive Team and attended his first three AAA Class competitions since November 2017, including the Wind Games 2018.

The NSL News has mentioned another 4-way junior on a regular basis in the past, following his career progression. He was not yet performing in the active lineup when his name, Kalle Pohjola from Finland, was first mentioned on 3 May 2010. He was packing parachutes for his parents, Outi and Kimmo Pohjola, and the Pro Team.

His parents eventually signed him up for his first competition in the Rookie Class of the World Challenge 2013. The three Pohjolas (Outi, Kimmo, Kalle) end Eija Suvala posted a never seen 39.1 average at his first 4-way competition when he was 12 years of age.

Finland does not have enough 4-way juniors to recruit a 4-way team, and Kalle Pohjola was fortunate enough that his parents integrated him happily with creeping sessions in Rovaniemi at the arctic circle and randomly some indoor training, even though the nearest wind tunnel is very far away from their home.

Finnish Indoor Nationals 2018
RankAAA Class22,D,714,5,HE,3,K,2010,O,15C,B,L,1618,F,1217,9,J19,8,QA,M,4,6P,2,G,21TotalAvg
1Pro Team2022202028203121232322822.8
RankAA Class22,D,714,H,QE,K,20O,15,6C,B,L,2118,F,N9,J,1119,8A,M,4P,2,GTotalAvg
RankA ClassD,7H,Q,21E,K,GO,6C,B,LF,N,P9,J19,8A,M,4P,2TotalAvg
1Flailing Sirkus151312101521178141013513.5
Pro Team lineup at the Finnish Indoor Nationals 2018
Kalle Pohjola was back in Bedford three years later as a 16-year old teenager, and the Pro Team signed him up for the A Class competition this time. Former alternate Juha Mikkola competed with Kalle's parents Outi and Kimmo Pohjola in 2016, and the Pro Team won the A Class competition with a 30.5 average.

The Pro Team traveled to Bedford without Kalle Pohjola last year and competed in the AAA Class where they finished in the middle of the 33-team field with a 22.3 average. His parents Outi and Kimmo Pohjola had Emilia Sormunen and Eija Suvala in last year's World Challenge 2017 lineup.

Kalle Pohjola had turned 17 and studied the AAA Class dive pool after the A Class competition in 2016. He was ready when his next opportunity came up this weekend at the Finnish Indoor Nationals 2018.

This time, his mother Outi did not compete at the Sirius wind tunnel in the southeast of Finland. Emilia Sormunen and Eija Suvala were back in the lineup for Kalle Pohjola's first AAA Class competition, together with father Kimmo.

World Challenge 2017
RankAAA ClassD,B,6,2212,E,1720,G,C,10N,M,15,HQ,19,K,48,21,LP,9,J,7O,11,113,A,163,18,5TotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusaBE3329294634284728282933133.1
2Weembi LilleFR3331294335284629292733033.0
3French Weembi GirlsFR3029283832244328262530330.3
5SDC Rhythm XPUS2926243730264027242328628.6
6Gavroche WeembiFR2726233529233923212126726.7
7Espoir Saumur WeembiFR2726233328233724232226626.6
10ISR FireFlashBE2521213323213522212024224.2
12Amnesya Fly-InIT2522203525213421171923923.9
16Pro TeamFI2320163222213022191822322.3
18HF Flying CircusCZ2018162819182919171519919.9
20Flyspot Sky4fourPL2114162322182719161519119.1
21Flyzone Les AffranchiseFR1716172519162618161518518.5
25Corbas Coyotes JCMFR1716172020162018131417117.1
30HF SkycentrumCZ1611142117152015141315615.6
32Mental BloXUK1511111712122113111013313.3
Proudly back in the AAA Class: Blackjack
The Pro Team did not only post the team's highest 10-round average without a Super Sequence. The 22.8 is also the highest average that a former 4-way junior has posted at his/her first AAA Class competition.

The Aerokart Ak'demie 2 junior team has 19.2 and 20.0 in the records at the recently attended indoor meets at Weembi and at the Wind Games. Kylian Forsans has posted 17.8 (Weembi) and 19.8 (Wind Games), after the eight rounds in Roosendaal (22.3) with the Monaco Indoor Skydive Team.

Canada's Yannick Bisson, member of the Air Devils 4-way junior team, had finished with a 20.1 average at his first AAA Class meet with his father's team 4Astrophe in March 2015 and followed up with 20.5 a year later.

The other two AAA Class teams from Finland, Telakka and Blackjack, could not keep up with Kalle Pohjola's Pro Team speed and will meet each other again at the World Challenge 2018, together with two more AA Class teams from Finland. Blackjack competed for the first time back in the AAA Class since the FAI World Meet 1997 in Turkey. The Blackjack comeback is complete and will continue in Bedford. The Pro Team has not signed up yet...

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