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Did You Know...

... that the World Tunnel League December competition was a Czech sweep?

1-point AAA Class battle: HF Flying Circus
posted Jan 7th, 2018 - The Hurricane Factory team won the Indoor Cloud League competition of the 2017 season, as the NSL News reported on 5 January 2018, despite a weaker performance in December that allowed Paraclete XP and the Florida 14+ team to place ahead of the Czechs.

However, the 10-round competition of the World Tunnel League in December did not reflect a weak Czech month at all. It was in fact a Czech December sweep, as the top spots in all four categories were taken by Czech 4-way teams at the Hurricane Factory.

HF Flying Circus and HF Chicks finished in the two AAA Class top spots after an exciting internal 1-point battle through all ten rounds. HF Junior Cubs and Elements distanced themselves by very far from all other teams on the AA and A leaderboards. The new Czech 4-way Junior team HF Dragonflies were alone on the top of the Rookie Class.

It was the first time since the introduction of the World Tunnel League last year, with synchronized 10-round draws for all participating teams, that four Czech teams finished on top of all four leaderboards.

World Tunnel League December 2017
RankAAA ClassA,6,J,318,16,119,K,Q,HM,15,714,O,5F,17,E,212,12,2213,19,10D,4,1L,B,C,8TotalAvg
1HF Flying CircusCZ2012322316201315162319019.0
2HF ChicksCZ1815302415211313162418918.9
3Cali4nia RaptorsUS171329181617----11018.3
4Skydive University SlovakiaSK1813282216211313152118018.0
5SCZ ZEUS 2.2US15819171112118111612812.8
RankAA ClassA,6,1518,119,K,QM,J,714,O,BF,E,212,2213,19D,4,1L,C,8TotalAvg
1HF Junior CubsCZ1914233121231111132018618.6
3M TeamCZ992122141997101113113.1
6SCZ FurtheranZe XPUS95132112158481110610.6
7Z-Hills Tunnel L/DUS731319813779-869.6
RankA ClassA,J,6Q,P,C9,KM,7O,B,GF,E,212,H19,ND,4L,8TotalAvg
2SFBay Dec A TeamUS61312121511----6911.5
3HF Flying RebelsCZ9109119108778888.8
4HF Junior ChameleonsCZ6669497735626.2
1HF DragonfliesCZ76688107935696.9
New AAA Class challenger: Skydive University Slovakia
It was the same situation after six and ten rounds, even though there were a few changes in the rankings after the according adjustments on the leaderboard.

HF Flying Circus and HF Chicks were tied in 1st place after Round 6, and Flying Circus posted the higher total for the last four rounds to win by one point. SCZ ZEUS and Accord were also still tied after Round 6, and the Czech team fell behind in the remaining four rounds.

Four AAA Class teams claimed and shared the highscores in the first six rounds, including one of the two U.S. teams, the Cali4nia Raptors. However, the Slovakian Skydive University team took the 3rd place on the 6-round leaderboard. It's the first winter season for Skydive University Slovakia in the AAA Class, and the December competition was the team's second one in the new category, after the 1st place in the AA Class at the World Challenge 2017 and one more CZTL meet in the lower category.

The Slovakian team tied the HF Flying Circus and HF Chicks scores three times over ten rounds. The Czech AAA Class teams now have a new challenger from a neighboring country to deal with.

SCZ FurtheranZe XP lineup in December
The AA Class leaderboard looked slightly different behind the first four places, which did not change between Round 6 and Round 10.

It was a domestic U.S. duel between Florida team SCZ FurtheranZe XP and 4Tune from Northern California. FurtheranZe was three points ahead after Round 6, and the team's 10-round average dropped only in the last four rounds.

No other adjustments were necessary on the A and Rookie Class leaderboards, where two Czech teams had the top positions. The all-female Elements team was in total control of the A Class competition, and the U.S. team from iFLY SFBay was able to hold off the two junior teams from the Czech Republic.

The 10-round draw for the January competition of the World Tunnel League is posted at the draw overview.

World Tunnel League December 2017
RankAAA ClassA,6,J,318,16,119,K,Q,HM,15,714,O,5F,17,E,21TotalAvg
1HF Flying CircusCZ20123223162012320.5
1HF ChicksCZ18153024152112320.5
3Skydive University SlovakiaSK18132822162111819.7
4Cali4nia RaptorsUS17132918161711018.3
5SCZ ZEUS 2.2US158191711128213.7
RankAA ClassA,6,1518,119,K,QM,J,714,O,BF,E,21TotalAvg
1HF Junior CubsCZ19142331212313121.8
3M TeamCZ99212214199415.7
5SCZ FurtheranZe XPUS95132112157512.5
7Z-Hills Tunnel L/DUS7313198136310.5
RankA ClassA,J,6Q,P,C9,KM,7O,B,GF,E,21TotalAvg
2SFBay Dec A TeamUS613121215116911.5
3HF Flying RebelsCZ910911910589.7
4HF Junior ChameleonsCZ666949406.7
1HF DragonfliesCZ7668810457.5
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