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Did You Know...

... that Skydive San Diego had to stop the SCSL 4-way meet due to a wildfire?

Z-Hills CTRL-Z team mates in 2005
posted May 31st, 2017 - The Sun Path Products NSL News mentioned the 4-way comeback of Paul Bertorelli on 22 April 2017, who competed in the earliest years of the Florida Skydiving League.

He first joined the Indoor Cloud League activities in Tampa this year and then also re-connected with one of his 2005 team mates at the first meet of the Florida Skydiving League 2017, where Purple HaZe was the only team that joined the leaderboard with teams of the Southern California Skydiving League on the May 20 weekend.

James Saine and Paul Bertorelli competed together for Z-Hills CTRL-Z throughout the 2005 season. Bill Bickner was their team mate by then, who is now training and competing with Skydive City team ZEUS.

Purple HaZe's May meet in Z-Hills was also the place where James Saine and Paul Bertorelli connected with Martin "Marty" Schneider, a Cross Keys Air Pollution founding member of many years. He recently moved to Florida and has also joined Indoor Cloud League events where he met Paul Bertorelli.

USPA Nationals 2007
RankIntermediate ClassB,4,MA,E,2018,F,119,L,K7,13N,21,622,11J,O,H,D14,Q,G8,915,P,CTotalAvg
1Cross Keys Air Pollution1414111211862312131412412.4
2Air Force Ascent1313131212109219121212412.4
3SDC Quattro1412111212109171111-11911.9
4Air Force Invictus14131110101172297-11411.4
5Elsinore Eleven12111110911917911-11011.0
6Total Chaos1311101097718911-10510.5
7Mile High Levitation111111999818108-10410.4
94 Sybil13111199981698-10310.3
10Cross Keys Controlled Descent1311101099517810-10210.2
11Carolina Fire111110997718811-10110.1
12Z-Team 12 Fluid OZ141291071051779-10010.0
13India Air Force131181171191547-969.6
14Elsinore Aquila13116108871598-959.5
15Perris Premonition11109910931659-919.1
16Ranch Radical 41011898871288-898.9
18Perris Paragon108888761469-848.4
19CSC False Religion107967861569-838.3
20Just 4 Fun105957761069-747.4
22Dallas Array117846861254-717.1
24SDC On the Fly7845466956-606.0
25Perris Irked9557544845-565.6
264 Fun8636745722-505.0
27Do I Look Pregnant0222142631-232.3
USPA gold medals in 2007: Cross Keys Air Pollution
Marty Schneider won a USPA gold medal with Cross Keys Air Pollution in the Intermediate Class (AA) of the national championships in 2007, after a jumpoff round with the Air Force team. Robert Fields, Cherie and Karl Schuch were his team mates, with John Baum on camera.

Cherie and Karl Schuch moved to Florida first and continued to compete with Teiwaz for a few more years. Marty Schneider has now followed the same path and flies the tail slot for Purple HaZe.

Keith Hanley was not available for Purple HaZe on the May 20 weekend, and Paul Bertorelli filled in for him. Bob Byrne reported from Skydive City that Purple HaZe also has a new team member: "Newcomer, and FSL Tunnel Kicker participant, Nichole Ashley rounds out the lineup, flying the point slot."

He introduced the new Purple HaZe member: "Though her team mates have multiple seasons of competition experience, Nichole graduated AFF just last year, and her only previous outdoor competition experience was on a Rookie Class lineup at the annual Rob Waspe Memorial/Valentines Day scrambles meet earlier this year at Skydive City. Nichole performed exceptionally well considering that she has only a few training jumps with this lineup. She made the step up to the AA Class, while having a little more than 200 jumps total."

May 20th, 2017
RankAA Class9,20G,4,OB,19,21M,14,2N,Q,18F,J,22TotalAvg
2Action FiguresSCSL67----136.5
3Purple HaZeFSL676478386.3
1Blind MiceSCSL10----10.5
2Don't Put it on MeSCSL0-----00.0
Dangerously close: Wildfire at Skydive San Diego
Purple HaZe was able to complete all six rounds in Z-Hills, while the teams in Southern California were not so lucky. The competition took place at Skydive San Diego, where Airspeed 4-way world champion of 2012, Josh Hall, was ready to help the teams with coaching and engineering.

SCSL Co-Director Cristina Olson said that Skydive San Diego had to be shut down after the completion of almost two rounds, due to a wildfire that broke out a couple of miles from the drop zone:

"Thanks to the teams and judges that came out to SCSL's first competition of the year. Special thanks to Josh Hall and the staff at Skydive San Diego for all the support. Wildfire be darned, we still managed to get in a round before we had to pack our gear and escape the smoke..."

The Southern California Skydiving League tries again on July 1st at Skydive Elsinore.

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