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Did You Know...

... that five teams competed at the 2017 season opener of the Southern Skydiving League?

AA Class awards at Skydive Spaceland-Atlanta
posted May 2nd, 2017 - The long winter break for outdoor competition did not slow down the regular flow of 4-way meet information. Indoor events have kept the Sun Path Products NSL News busy enough.

The first outdoor leaderboard this year was generated at the Shamrock Showdown in March, and the first meets of the NSL Network leagues will be next.

In fact, the Southern Skydiving League launched its 2017 season last weekend with five teams at a new location, Skydive Spaceland-Atlanta in Georgia.

New SSL Director Caitlin Rice said that it was the first time that the SSL has opened the league region into Georgia.

She added that Skydive Spaceland-Atlanta had their Birthday Boogie going on the same weekend: "There was a lot of additional activity going on at the DZ, including wonderful food, organizing, and raffles."

Southern Skydiving League 2017 - April
RankAA Class6,E,BQ,G,115,J,FL,P,H,13O,14,K20,22TotalAvg
1Platinum 4.0976555376.2
2Free Mustache Rides490554274.5
1Struggle Bus556620244.0
2The Fawning Giants645610223.7
3Styrofoam Cup013034111.8
Rookie Class awards at Skydive Spaceland-Atlanta
The SSL 4-way meet brought five teams together, and 14 of the 24 participants attended their first SSL competition.

Former Dallas 350 member Scott Latinis was a player coach for the AA Class pickup team Free Mustache Rides, who exchanged blows round by round with the longest standing SSL team, Platinum 4.0.

Don Hurd brought a new Platinum lineup to the 2017 season opener, which is the beginning of the 4th year for his team.

Scott Latinis with Free Mustache Rides
Scott Latinis also helped all other teams with coaching and engineering. The winning Rookie Class team Struggle Bus had completed a tunnel camp with Scott Latinis the week before the competition and won the meet by two points over the Fawning Giants.

Caitlin Price said that some thunderstorms interfered towards the end of the day, while the meet was still completed with 24 loads going up on Saturday after a couple of weather holds.

The next SSL meet is scheduled for June 17th at Skydive Alabama.

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