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Did You Know...

... that the Czech 4-way teams were back in competition three days after the World Challenge?

HF Flying Circus at the World Challenge 2017
posted Apr 15th, 2017 - Once again, the Czech 4-way teams who competed at the World Challenge 2017 did not get much rest before it was time for the next 10-round meet.

The competition in Bedford was over on Saturday, and Sunday was travel day for most of the teams, including the Czech delegation, which consisted of five teams this time. Monday and Tuesday were work or school days before four of the teams gathered again at the Hurricane Factory for the April meet of the Czech part of the World Tunnel League.

The Sun Path Products NSL News published a preview of the Czech trip to Bedford on 3 April 2017, after Jan Klapka had submitted the scores and videos for the Indoor Cloud League March leaderboard. The story mentioned that the highest Czech AAA Class average at a World Challenge in Bedford was the 19.1 that the HF Chicks had posted at the World Challenge 2015. HF Flying Circus seemed to have the potential to set a new Czech standard for the meet in Bedford.

The young Czech AAA Class team lived up to the expectations and finished just one point short of the 20-average benchmark with a new 19.9 team record average, which is now the new Czech highscore in Bedford. The Sun Path Products NSL News had the opportunity to introduce HF Flying Circus to the audience on World Challenge Live TV, together with Czech 4-way Godfather Jan Klapka.

World Tunnel League April 2017
RankAAA Class6,10,1817,8,NO,20,2116,K,2215,14,A1,J,512,9,BE,H,4,P2,C,11L,19,D,3TotalAvg
1Bad BoysCZ1621211920192028202120520.5
2HF ChicksCZ1621191818192021181818818.8
3HF Flying CircusCZ1419191718181824182018518.5
4CZ LadiesCZ1317161516151622151616116.1
5DeLand KickersUS 14 15 17 14 16 15(-1) 15(-1) 23 14 1615915.9
5Blue SteelUS 13 17 16(-1) 10 17 15 17 23 14 1715915.9
7ZEUS 3.2US 12 14 14 13 15 15 16 18 14 9(-1)14014.0
AA Class awards at the World Challenge 2017
The 10-round WTL meet last Wednesday was the 5th 10-round competition for HF Flying Circus in the AAA Class this year. The Czech team sprinted through all four outdoor categories (Rookie - A - AA - AAA) in little over two years since the team project was launched in September 2014.

Last Wednesday's WTL meet brought all other Czech AAA Class teams back together. Bad Boys, HF Chicks and CZ Ladies did not make the trip to Bedford this year, even though Jan Klapka and his wife Jirina Klapkova provided guidance and coaching for the three 4-way junior teams (HF Cubs - HF Flies - HF Blue).

Flying Circus had to accept once again the seniority of Bad Boys and HF Chicks, even though the distance to both teams was closer than ever. Only three points separated Flying Circus from HF Chicks, and it seems to be only a matter of time when the young team will end up in the Czech top spot. The Czech indoor winter season is over now, and HF Flying Circus will have to complete the 2017 outdoor season before facing the HF Chicks again at the Hurricane Factory. However, there will be a face-off between father (Jan Klapka - Bad Boys) and son (Jakub Klapka - HF Flying Circus) this summer.

The four best Czech 4-way teams ended up in the Top 4 spots on the combined WTL leaderboard, where the CZ Ladies barely fended off the two best AAA Class teams in Florida by two points.

World Tunnel League April 2017
RankAA Class6,G,M8,N,AO,20,21K,22,P15,141,J,79,B,FE,H,42,C,11L,19,18TotalAvg
1Skydive University SlovakiaSK2119161814183321161519119.1
2HF Junior CubsCZ2019151714153120111417617.6
3HF Junior FliesCZ1714101014162816121014714.7
4Best of RelativeCZ1415121110142514111113713.7
World Challenge 2017
RankAA ClassF,G,D,P9,J,18E,7,M19,134,L,82,21C,14,201,K,OA,6,11N,B,H,Q15,22TotalAvg
1Skydive University SlovakiaSK29172914161613201735-20620.6
4HF Junior CubsCZ23192712161417191731-19519.5
5HF Junior FliesCZ23142515131311161523-16816.8
8Brain StormingIT21162210131313141223-15715.7
10Salty JacksUK16162210111312141323-15015.0
13Lobster Therma4UK1711149111010141020-12612.6
HF Junior Cubs at the World Challenge 2017
The winner of the AA Class competition at the World Challenge 2017 has shared the Czech leaderboard at every single WTL meet this year, while Skydive University Slovakia is from a neighboring country. The team used the meets at the Hurricane Factory in Prague to collect competition experience, which obviously worked out perfectly.

The World Challenge was the 5th 10-round competition for Skydive University Slovakia this year. They still could not get enough of 4-way meets and visited Prague again last Wednesday to wrap up the winter season with the 1st place in the AA Class.

The HF Junior Cubs almost made it into the medal rankings at the World Challenge on the same leaderboard, as well. It was exciting to watch the four female 4-way teenagers moving closer to the medal positions round by round, beginning after Round 6.

The Cubs ended up two points behind the Bahrain and Alakran 4-way seniors both after Round 9, and they had to watch both teams going into an extra round for the silver medals. The 19.5 average in Bedford was the team's new record number and gets the Cubs once again closer to the medal level at the FAI Indoor World Meet later this year.

World Tunnel League April 2017
RankA Class6,G8,NO,21K,P,MF,A,QJ,79,BE,H,42,CL,D,8TotalAvg
2Mirek TeamCZ1310162130171812111015815.8
3Lukasz TeamPL1411132315171812111014414.4
4ZEUS 2.2US 13 9(-1) 11 20 24(-1) 14(-1) 15(-1) 13 12 1114214.2
5Z-Hills Tunnel L/DUS 9(-1) 8 9(-1) 16 19 14 16(-1) 11 10 1012212.2
6HF Junior BlueCZ97910111111888929.2
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