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Did You Know...

... that teams from the Czech Republic and Florida shared the WTL leaderboard for the first time?

Back together: Complete Bad Boys lineup
posted Mar 12th, 2017 - The first World Tunnel League competition at the new iFLY Tampa wind tunnel also created the first combined leaderboard, as the Czech teams competed once again at the Hurricane Factory for their Sportflight March meet.

The Bad Boys were back in full strength and with their complete current lineup, which put them back into the top spot of the AAA Class competition in Prague. The Czech national team in 4-way Open was recently challenged by the HF Chicks, who had won the December and January WTL meets at the Hurricane Factory. Last week, the strong all-female team could only win the meet opener Round 1 and Round 9.

In fact, the toughest AAA Class opposition for the Bad Boys came from Florida, where Blue Steel finished with a 19.4 average, only seven points behind the Bad Boys. The new AAA Class team won the same two rounds over the Bad Boys that the HF Chicks won and tied two more rounds with the Czech national team. Blue Steel eventually ended up five points ahead of the HF Chicks.

The Bad Boys gave away Round 1 due to a knee collision between the rear piece partners, Vaclav Prokes and Jan Klapka. It was a costly collision, as the Bad Boys finished with an 11-pointer in the first round of the meet. However, the strong recovery brought the Bad Boys back to the top spot quickly in Round 4, and they maintained this position until Round 10.

World Tunnel League - March 2017
RankAAA Class11,9,14D,22,5P,Q,19,12M,15,1618,6,BL,A,N,2110,O,G,F2,E,K,47,8,HC,20,J,17TotalAvg
1Bad BoysCZ1119212319242321202020120.1
2Blue SteelUS1815191918242119212019419.4
3HF ChicksCZ1717171818232118211918918.9
4Team KaputtUS1817201817222116161918418.4
5HF Flying CircusCZ1717171816212018192018318.3
6CZ LadiesCZ1716171715182016181717117.1
7ZEUS 3.01US1414151412191612171414714.7
Double duties: Dagmar Bezdekova with HF Flying Circus
The combined leaderboard shows how the teams from Florida and Czech Republic mixed up in perfect order throughout the five top spots. The HF Chicks ended up behind Blue Steel, while they held off the next FTL team in 4th place, Team Kaputt, by five points.

The HF Chicks were competing with two substitutes last week. Bad Boy Jan Klapka and Flying Circus member Dagmar Bezdekova performed double duties to fill the open slots. The original HF Chicks lineup might have been closer once again to the Bad Boys after the 20.9 average at the Wind Games in February. The 18.9 average last week was not enough to challenge the complete lineup of the Bad Boys.

The second substitute, Dagmar Bezdekova, ended up one single point behind Team Kaputt with her own lineup, the HF Flying Circus. The WTL March meet was the 4th AAA Class competition for the young Czech team after stepping up at the beginning of the Czech indoor winter season in November last year.

The CZ Ladies had to use a substitute, as well. Former Bad Boy Marián Jeziak filled in as the point for the meet, and the CZ Ladies left the third AAA Class team from Florida, ZEUS 3.01, far behind. Accord, finishing in 8th place on the AAA Class leaderboard, was the only Czech AAA Class team with a new team record average.

World Tunnel League March 2017
RankAA Class11,9D,22,14P,Q,19M,15,J18,B,HL,A,N,21O,G,F,2E,K,47,8C,6,20TotalAvg
1Skydive University SlovakiaSK1712182217192020171517717.7
2HF Junior CubsCZ1714192217141916161516916.9
4HF Junior FliesCZ1412161812131515131314114.1
6SCZ ZEUSUS981188121111117969.6
Consistent AA progression: HF Junior Flies
The Czech teams on the combined AA Class leaderboard dominated this category. It was actually the Skydive University team from Slovakia that won the AA Class competition and battled with the young ladies of the HF Junior Cubs throughout the ten rounds.

Simba was able to stay ahead of the HF Junior Flies at the team's first AA Class competition, and the Flies left the other two teams from Florida behind. The Flies also improved their best team average once again (10.5 - 12.2 - 12.3 - 13.3 - 14.1) after entering the AA Class competition in October 2016.

A busy April agenda is now waiting for the Czech teams. The Czech Republic has once again a large delegation traveling to Bedford for the World Challenge 2017.

Three of the four 4-way Junior teams (Cubs, Flies, Blue) will attend the world's largest indoor competition, and Flying Circus and Skycentrum have signed up for the AAA Class event. The last WTL competition of the winter season follows right after the trip to Bedford, and the teams from Florida will share the leaderboard for the second time.

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