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Did You Know...

... that Roy Janssen could become the first double-gold two-nation FS competitor in history?

NSL Live Talk with Weembi member Roy Janssen
posted Feb 10th, 2017 - The recent extensive Sun Path Products NSL News coverage of the indoor duel between NMP PCH HayaBusa and Weembi Lille has presented this topic and related ones from several different angles. The NSL Live Talk with Weembi member Roy Janssen on 24 January 2017 was one part of the HayaBusa/Weembi story and featured mostly the perspective from the challenger's position.

The interview included Roy Janssen's transition from Belgium to France, and Weembi's inside center reminded the Sun Path Products NSL News that it was not the first time in his career that he switched the nationality. Roy Janssen is originally from the Netherlands and needed a new FAI Sporting License to compete for HayaBusa.

His 12 years with HayaBusa brought him to the peak of his skydiving career and to the dream spot of each high-level competitor: his FAI 4-way gold medal for Belgium in Prostejov 2014.

4-way and 8-way gold in Menzelinsk 2010: Weembi member Mathieu Bernier
Roy Janssen made it very clear that the Weembi goal is the top position in 4-way Formation Skydiving, as well. Weembi wants to win the 2nd FAI World Championship of Indoor Formation Skydiving in Montreal this year.

Each of the Weembi members is a former 4-way outdoor world champion, as the Sun Path Products NSL News explained carefully during the coverage of the Weembi topic. However, Roy Janssen could achieve something that no other Formation Skydiving competitor has done in the history of the sport.

Weembi member Mathieu Bernier, currently also French national coach for the Formation Skydiving delegation at the same time, is already unique with his historic double-gold success in 4-way and 8-way at the FAI World Meet in Menzelinsk 2010. Roy Janssen could add his own unique achievement.

Bronze for South Africa in 1997: Gary Smith with DeLand Majik
No Formation Skydiving competitor has yet won FAI gold medals at world championships for two different nations.

It is not unusual that members of national teams switch from one country to another one, and the FAI/IPC has special rules for this situation.

The current rules are easier than ever before. FAI/IPC only requires the national skydiving federations to issue the necessary FAI Sporting Licence under their discretion, and there are no time limits any longer.

FAI Sporting Code - General Section - 4.7 REPRESENTATION: 4.7.1 "In First Category international sporting events, a competitor represents the NAC that issued the FAI Sporting Licence, unless he belongs to an international team."

Gold for U.S.A. with DeLand Majik in 2004
There have been FAI medal winners before who competed for different nations at different world meets. NMP PCH HayaBusa's coach Gary Smith is probably the most accomplished 2-nation competitor so far. He won bronze medals with South Africa's national 4-way team DeLand Equanimity in 1997 before moving to Florida and winning 4-way gold medals with U.S. national team DeLand Majik in Rijeka 2004.

He added a second FAI gold medal with DeLand Fire in 2006 and then focused mainly on his coaching career.

Roy Janssen has the opportunity to make it a 4-way double-gold, first for Belgium in Prostejov 2014 and then with Weembi and for France this year in Montreal. It would be an outdoor/indoor double; however, the opponents will be the same, and they will be tough. Weembi first has to qualify by winning the French Indoor Nationals 2017. Then HayaBusa with coach Gary Smith and Arizona Airspeed will do everything it takes to keep Roy Janssen from winning the indoor competition in October...

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