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Did You Know...

... that Marin Ferre joined Chris Talbert and Joey Jones for the Tuesday wrap-up?

End of the day wrap-up at Skydive Chicago
posted Sep 13th, 2016 - It was a very busy Tuesday at Skydive Chicago, and all events at the Mondial 2016 made great progress. NMP PCH HayaBusa has posted five highscores in five rounds, while Golden Knights and French Girls keep exchanging blows after six rounds in 4-way Women.

Eight rounds are complete in 8-way, and the Golden Knights are standing at a 23.9 average, the highest one in history. There are two more rounds to go for re-writing the history books. The VFS teams almost completed their 8-round meet. The last round will have to be finished tomorrow, and the winner is SDC Core. Evolution is on the way to turn the bronze medals of 2014 into silver this year.

Chris Talbert and Joey Jones once again wrapped up the day for the Sun Path Products NSL News. French coach Marin Ferre joined the conversation at the end of the day. He is currently in charge of the French 4-way Open Class team, who are battling with Black Cat and Qatar Tigers for the bronze medals.

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