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Did You Know...

... that the Northern California Skydiving League teams include a few family lineups?

Lori Connor with AA Class team DeLoreans
posted Jul 11th, 2016 - The Northern California Skydiving League had the only U.S. meet scheduled for the past weekend, and the nine NCSL teams all competed at the Parachute Center in Lodi. NCSL Director Lori Connor posted a summary after the competition of the event.

"Congratulations Teams! The NCSL's Meet # 2 was an awesome success yesterday at the Parachute Center, with everyone having fun while completing their scheduled rounds of the draw. We had 9 teams come out and participate, five Rookie teams and four AA teams.

A few of the Rookie teams were pick-up teams that were put together this last week and it's always nice to see that work out where everyone gets a chance to experience some 4-way. We hope to see more folks wanting to learn 4-way and get involved in the NCSL."

July 9th, 2016
RankAA ClassL,K,19G,D,A,MP,9,OE,14,4TotalAvg
2Flaire Flare48105276.8
4High Anxiety4372164.0
Tree People in Lodi: Rookie Class team X-Men
"Thank you to everyone for coming out and participating and sharing the sky/day with us, the camera flyers who supported the teams, the Parachute Center for hosting, and some great coaches who were participating on teams and also helping the teams throughout the day – Leander van Schriek, Matt Stephens, Deanna Frank and Julius Frank.

Our meet judge Dennis Worden sequestered himself all day in the team room, judging each and every round so carefully. Everyone was working together to make the meet be the success that it was and to have such a good time! The next outdoor Meet is on August 13th at SkyDance! Between then and now, you can also join the NCSL at its 3-way tunnel scrambles, 4-way tunnel kickers and FS coaching at both iFLY Sacramento and iFLY SFBay."

Lori Connor also provided additional information of a special team situation. Rookie Class team Subterminal has a family lineup this year, after Jerry Sharp changed last year's Team Jerry name and came back with a new roster, including his wife and son.

July 9th, 2016
1Block Party6568256.3
3Double Pluggers1345133.3
4Team Lee021251.3
5Circling Windmills000000.0
Tree People in Lodi: Rookie Class team Subterminal
Cyndi Aschenbrenner Sharp started jumping in 1982 and was one of the first AFF students when she met Jerry Sharp at the DZ. They fell in love, he proposed in the air, and they got married with three children to come. Cyndi Aschenbrenner Sharp was in a 4-way team in 1984 and competed at the USPA Nationals, and she jumped with all three babies until she was four months pregnant.

She remembered that all the "Tree People" at the Lodi DZ (they hang out under these big trees at the DZ: The Sharps, Heberts, Ellis families) started having children at the same time: "Something was in the water..." Rookie Class team X-Men is another team with more tree people and their children: Ray Hebert, Russ Hebert, Clynt Hebert.

Cyndi and Jerry Sharp jumped regularly and brought their kids to the DZ, as well. Eventually, Jersyn Sharp, Ben Ellis and Clynton Hebert all did AFF together last year and now jump regularly at Lodi, while Cyndi Sharp came back after a 20-year break. It wasn't until her son Jersyn did his AFF last year that Cyndi started jumping again. The NCSL meet last Saturday was the first time in over 20 years that Cyndi did four jumps in one day.

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