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Did You Know...

... that Pangaea could be aiming at a Top 10 spot at the Mondial 2016?

Qualified and confirmed: Pangaea
posted Jul 10th, 2016 - Denmark's national championships were completed successfully this weekend, even though the A Class teams had to accept their final rankings after Round 8. Four DK ended up as the only team without a score for Round 9 before the weather situation stopped the completion of ten rounds in the A Class competition.

However, the four AAA Class teams completed their ten rounds, and Pangaea confirmed the status as Denmark's national team in 4-way Open for the Mondial 2016. Pangaea was sanctioned earlier this year, as the Sun Path Products NSL News reported on June 5th.

Denmark's national team in 4-way Women, Valkyria, was already approved by Denmark's skydiving federation (DFU) after the 11.1 average at the DFU Cup 2016. Valkyria needed a 10-average to qualify nationally, which the team now passed easily for the second time.

Danish Nationals 2016
RankAAA Class13,G,K,2117,0,2022,6,J16,5,H7,12,QA,14,M,LC,P,E,118,10,2N,F,9,B19,4,15TotalAvg
2Prime Pickles1213(-1)13178(-5)12(-5)1610261213913.9
Qualified and confirmed: Valkyria
Pangaea finished at a significantly higher scoring level compared to the DFU Cup (13.7) and is back to the same numbers of 2015 when they battled with the VAF Warriors (16.2 - 16.6) for the top spot in Denmark. The VAF Warriors then finished in 12th place with a 14.8 average at the FAI World Cup 2015 before taking an injury-related break from outdoor competition.

The Pangaea scores at last week's national championships promise even more for Denmark's national team in 4-way Open. Pangaea lost 11 points in the judging room, which dropped the meet average by a whole scoring point.

A 17+ average at the upcoming world meet would not only open the Danish door for a better international placement. Pangaea would also be an even stronger opponent for the VAF Warriors who may come back for outdoor competition after representing Denmark at the FAI Indoor World Cup 2016.

Danish Nationals 2016
RankA ClassG,M,O19,J21,QK,8C,F,PN,A,94,76,2B,L,DTotalAvg
2Sky Riders14897611979808.9
5Four DK55346554-374.6
6FF ohFS00301111180.9
Denmark's FS delegation for the Mondial 2016
The VAF Warriors had competed for Denmark at the FAI World Meet in Prostejov 2014 where they finished in 11th place with a 14.5 average and missed the first cut after Round 8. Pangaea does not have to worry about a cut any longer, as the Sun Path Products NSL News reported on May 13th. All teams will complete ten rounds at Skydive Chicago, weather permitting.

However, Pangaea has the potential to bring Denmark back into the world's Top 10 spots. In fact, Dubai Asaar Black finished in 7th place with a 17.1 average at the last World Championship of Formation Skydiving in 2014.

The Danez managed to place Denmark in the Top 10 (8th) last time at the FAI World Meet 2006 with an 18.0 average after five rounds, following a 15.7 average in 9th place in 2004. Pangaea might not even look so much at their domestic competition. The goals for the 2016 season are probably set on a higher level...

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