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Did You Know...

... that the Qatar Tigers have moved closer to FLY-IN France and Black Cat?

posted May 25th, 2016 - The previews of the battle for bronze medals at the Mondial 2016 in September began on May 2nd with the situation of the reigning bronze medalist of Prostejov 2014, Evolution from Canada, followed by more details of the French national team in 4-way Open on May 4th.

The Sun Path Products NSL News followed up on May 14th with Black Cat from Russia, and the current results have not changed much since the last update. The Qatar Tigers are the next team in line, and they are currently in the underdog position shortly behind the reigning bronze medalists from Canada.

The Sun Path Products NSL News introduced the current lineup of the Qatar Tigers on February 22nd, and the story on April 17th covered the position of the new team coach, former French 4-way and 8-way world champion Jeremie Rollett.

Shamrock Showdown 2016
RankAAA Class3,13,9G,6,2110,20,1118,4,BF,1,1419,5,7P,Q,16,AC,15,M,12J,L,K,2E,O,22,17TotalAvg
1Arizona AirspeedUS232419222424(-1)2925292424324.3
2Aerodyne French GirlsFR2122172123202721272222122.1
3Qatar TigersQA1922162119192920282221521.5
4SDC Rhythm XPUS1919151921202619252120420.4
5Satori XLUK1918162019202618242220220.2
6TurBu 2.0US1519151519202415212018318.3
World Challenge 2016
RankAAA ClassP,2,108,F,15G,14,17L,H,E,13M,7,O,116,21,11N,D,4,918,20,AG,19,3C,K,B,22TotalAvg
3FLY-IN FranceFR2426263432233323272827627.6
4Black CatRU2126253331223325263327527.5
5Qatar TigersQA2226253134233323273127527.5
RankTeamCountryAveragesBest 3
1Arizona AirspeedUS24.324.3
2France WomenFR22.122.1
3Qatar Tigers QA21.521.5
4SDC Rhythm XPUS20.420.4
5Satori XLUK20.220.2
6Turbo 2.0US18.318.3
7Rotor OutAU17.617.6
The Qatar Tigers attended two meets after the story with the team history, which mentioned the Tigers as a potential bronze medal contender at the Mondial 2016. The results of the two meets, Shamrock Showdown and World Challenge, would indicate whether the Qatar Tigers have a realistic chance to be in the race for bronze medals or not.

The results at both events were convincing and positioned the Tigers very close to the bronze medal position. The 3rd place in the current SKYLEAGUE.COM Outdoor World Rankings still does not tell much of the realistic situation, as there have not been enough outdoor events with the top teams attending so far.

However, the combination of the Qatar Tigers indoor and outdoor results leave no doubt that all other medal contenders have to keep an eye on the newcomer in the race for world meet medals.

Mondial 2016 - Bronze Medals in 4-way Open

Who wins 4-way Open Class bronze medals at the Mondial 2016?

Evolution (Canada)
Black Cat (Russia)
FLY-IN (France)
Tigers (Qatar)
Satori XL (Great Britain)
Qatar Tigers at the World Challenge 2016
FLY-IN France and Black Cat have been the leaders in the Sun Path Products NSL News bronze medal poll so far, and the Qatar Tigers have moved closer to both teams ever since the bronze medal preview series began.

Neither France nor Black Cat competed at the Shamrock Showdown, however, the Qatar Tigers were close enough to the Aerodyne French Girls to give evidence for the team's outdoor strength.

The first direct showdown with both opponents this year came a few weeks after the outdoor competition in DeLand at the World Challenge in Bedford, and the results confirmed the previous assumption that the Qatar Tigers will have a word in the race for the bronze medals. FLY-IN France, Black Cat and Qatar Tigers were separated by one single point after the ten rounds in Bedford (276 - 275 - 275) and there is no obvious reason why it would be much different half a year later at Skydive Chicago...

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