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Did You Know...

... that Scottish Kiss and Simba posted 2016 top averages last weekend in DeLand?

6 rounds at Skydive Panama City
posted May 25th, 2016 - Last weekend was supposed to bring 4-way teams from four different states in the U.S.A. together on the same leaderboard. However, the weather cooperated only in Central Florida (Florida Skydiving League) and on the western end of the Florida Panhandle (Southern Skydiving League).

The Carolina Skydiving League and the Virginia Parachute Council had scheduled meets for the same weekend, as well, which had to be canceled due to bad weather.

The forecast was once again not much better for Florida, and the teams were positively surprised when the six meet rounds were quite easily completed on Saturday. SSL Director Brandy Verhalen reported from Skydive Panama City that "canopies filled the sky throughout the day, with only one small weather hold."

May 21st, 2016
RankAAA Class18,11,GB,17,5J,22,420,O,A,1D,10,E,HP,F,6,21TotalAvg
1DeLand MomentumFSL397748386.3
RankA Class21,MB,G,8J,4O,A,CD,E,HP,F,6TotalAvg
Simba members at the NSL Championship 2014
DeLand Momentum and Simba did not have any competition in their categories. Momentum attended the team's first meet with the new lineup and defined the starting point for the 2016 season. The Sun Path Products NSL News had introduced the new lineup with the story on January 26th.

Momentum had just returned to Florida after a 3-hour indoor training camp with coach Steve Lefkowitz of SDC Rhythm XP at Paraclete and had to switch into exit and sub-terminal gear.

Two Simba members (Naila Novaronti, Rodrigo Espinosa) had competed in the Rookie Class at the NSL Indoor Championship 2014 when the outdoor competition fell victim to bad weather. Player coaches Robert Chromy and Trevor Cedar complete the new lineup for the 2016 season, and Luke Evens was on camera for Simba's first meet in the A Class. The 10.7 average is the highest 2016 outdoor result in this category.

May 21st, 2016
1Scottish KissFSL846575355.8
4We Got GrippersSSL414313162.7
The Rookie Class was the most competitive category last weekend, and Scottish Kiss posted the highest meet average at Skydive DeLand. The 5.8 average is also the highest Rookie Class average this year so far.

Brandy Verhalen had more information from the meet in the Florida Panhandle: "Skydive Panama City DZO Tony Antonivich brought out his old, dusty RW suit to participate in a pick-up team (Boy-Girl-Boy-Girl) with Jennifer Jones, Jackie Sylvester, Sean Sylvester and Ed Kloess on camera. He needed to fly the last few loads to rescue an ill pilot, so JB Lovell

stepped in for the last round."

She also explained that the Bama Boys from Skydive Alabama have been training hard with tunnel camps and training jumps. The hard work paid off with the 1st place at the meet in Panama City. Skydive Tennessee's team We Got Grippers is a new family lineup with parents Susie and Mike Paiser and daughter Marion Stallworth. Jolene Dressell completed the lineup, and Justin Silvia was on camera. Another team from Skydive Alabama, Swooptastic, had the youngest lineup. Team member Ryan Miller has approx. 50 jumps, and alternate Cara Merino made her 87th skydive in Round 6.

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