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Did You Know...

... that the Top 10 of the Team World Rankings in 4-way Women are from 9 different nations?

No. 1 in 4-way Women: Golden Knights
posted Nov 10th, 2015 - The Sun Path Products NSL News follows up on the SKYLEAGUE.COM Team World Rankings in 4-way Open with the 2015 leaderboard in 4-way Women.

Two of this year's ten best 4-way teams in the world were an unofficial part of the rankings in 4-way Open, where they would be listed in 4th (Golden Knights) and 10th (French Girls) position. Both teams are now naturally in the two top spots of the rankings in 4-way Women.

There is a big gap between Golden Knights/French Girls and the next teams on the female leaderboard, and the four teams in the top spots are from the same nations that were in the Top 4 at the world meet in Prostejov 2014. Only French Girls and Golden Knights have switched their rankings.

Rank4-way Women - Top 10CountryAveragesBest 3
1Golden KnightsUS23.3 - 22.422.9
2French GirlsFR19.9 - 20.3 - 21.320.5
4Parachute Montreal FuzionCA15.715.7
5Dubai Asaar LadiesAE15.315.3
7Infra Red BandRU13.3 - 13.513.4
8BellatrixAU12.9 - 13.113.0
9Les StuntsBE12.512.5
Fuzion lineup with Renee Point
The Golden Knights are the only one of the Top 4 who have trained and competed with the same lineup. The French Girls had three personnel changes since winning the gold medals last year. Bronze medal winner Kaizen is not competing for the United Kingdom any longer, and Parachute Montreal Fuzion has a new team member with Renee Point.

There is a major difference between the 4-way Open Class world rankings and 4-way Women. Nine of the ten Top 10 teams are the national teams for their countries, while the Top 10 in 4-way Open came from only five nations. Only the USA has a second team in the Top 10.

The 4-way Women teams have obviously less domestic competition, while the battles for the national top spots are often fierce in 4-way Open.

World Meet 2014Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
Rank4-way WomenE,3,C,5F,6,D,2119,H,2M,4,1O,14,A,P8,J,167,11,1222,20,1517,G,1813,B,9TotalAvg
1French GirlsFR2125222027211817192421421.4
2Golden KnightsUS2225212123181615192420420.4
5Infra Red BandRU121214151616139141113213.2
6Les StuntsBE141413141613811101212512.5
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6th place in 4-way Women: Kewara
The SKYLEAGUE.COM Team World Rankings in 4-way Women will most likely change very soon, as well. The six nations who made it to the finals in Prostejov have been invited to the World Air Games in Dubai.

All six nations have teams in the Top 10 of the world rankings and will be able to improve their current positions. Kewara's comeback in Italy interfered with the current world rankings. Italy did not have a team in 4-way Women last year in Prostejov, and Kewara will not compete in Dubai. Russia's Infra Red Band and Les Stunts from Belgium may have the opportunity to catch up with the Italian team.

The World Air Games are scheduled right after the Clash of Champions, which will feature live Sun Path Products NSL News coverage from Inflight Dubai.

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