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Did You Know...

... that the DeLand Falcons were facing good and bad news within a week?

DeLand 3D ready for a meet exit
posted Oct 19th, 2015 - Teams of the Florida Skydiving League finished off their 2015 season at the last meet on October 10th.

It's not the last 4-way competition in Florida, as the annual NSL Championship brings together all teams in all four categories (AAA - AA - A - Rookie) who have not had enough of 4-way competition this year and want to enjoy the beautiful Florida fall weather in a 10-round meet.

Several of the FSL teams will come back to DeLand in November, including the October winners, DeLand 3D and DeLand Falcons, and try to defend the home turf against any potential challengers from other leagues and locations.

DeLand 3D with Jimmy Xu in the lineup
Three teams challenged each other in the A Class, where DeLand 3D has taken the top position in Florida this year. DeLand 3D is the reigning NSL 2014 champion in the Rookie Class and will not try to defend the title this year.

Player coach Robert Chromy has guided the team up into the A Class in 2015 and will try to win the title in this category for Florida. 3D has three 2014 members in the lineup, and Jimmy Xu has taken the tail slot.

Bald + Beautiful completed only two rounds before the weather interfered with the smooth operation and returned to their homes in northern Florida when several weather holds did not promise much more competition on the meet day.

Bald + Beautiful and ZEUS from Skydive City will both be back in November to challenge DeLand 3D once again for the A Class top spot in Florida.

FSL - October 10th, 2015Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5TotalAvg
RankA ClassD,O,F2,JQ,E,K21,HA,8TotalAvg
1DeLand 3D1071075397.8
3Bald + Beautiful78---157.5
1DeLand Falcons911811115010.0
Trevor Cedar with Zero Tolerance Miami in 2008
The DeLand Falcons won the Rookie Class with a new team record and the first 2-digit average, including three 11-pointers. The members of the newly formed Rookie Class team, with player coach Trevor Cedar, are Indoor Cloud League regulars at iFLY Orlando.

Trevor Cedar introduced the DeLand locals to 4-way competition, which is still his own passion. The Sun Path Products NSL News took notice of him when he had joined Miami Synergy in 2009:

"Point Trevor Cedar is a very young skydiver who made his first jump in the summer of 2007. After being an athlete and competitor in other sports, he did not hesitate to take on the new skydiving challenge with full power.

He already completed 650 jumps and approx. 15 hours of wind tunnel training in these 1.5 years and just got his coaching rating. He is 42 years old and owns and operates three fitness studios in the Miami area, the South Florida Boxing and Fitness Gym.

He was born in Australia and grew up in England. He has been living in the USA for 16 years and is very excited to be a 4-way competitor".

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DeLand Falcons prepare for their 10.0 average performance
He left Skydive Miami years ago to become a full time skydiver in DeLand, where he has been working as an AFF and Tandem instructor. His job did not allow himself much 4-way training and competition, while he has helped young and new skydivers to get involved in the sport.

The 10.0 average at the October meet was a big step for the DeLand Falcons, who had started with 6.5 in August. Unfortunately, the Falcons will not be able to come back in November with the same lineup for the pursuit of the NSL Championship title in the Rookie Class.

The Falcons had scheduled their next training day for last weekend's Sunday. Inside Center Nicolas Davis and Tail Brad Weinberg attended a swooping camp with Team Alter Ego and coach Curt Bartholomew on Saturday. Brad Weinberg ended up with a complicated ankle fracture and could not come back for Sunday's 4-way training, which had to be canceled...

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