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Did You Know...

... that Germany's 8-way champion Airbus has a new lineup for 2015?

Airbus 4-way lineup in DeLand
posted Feb 11th, 2015 - The Sun Path Products NSL News reported on 26 December 2014 that Germany's reigning 8-way champions of Team Airbus might have double duties for the next two years.

The Airbus 4-way lineup (Olaf Biedermann, Goeran Meyer, Thomas Mack, Christian Schaefer) won last year's national championships in both events. Thomas "Spieli" Spielvogel, Uli Sehrbrock, Dieter Schwarz, Dieter Kirsch and Solly Williams helped to also bring the 8-way medals to the Airbus headquarters in Munich, with Alexander "Dude" Hau on camera.

Airbus has now completed the selection of the 8-way lineup for the 2015 season and plans to defend the 8-way title successfully, then compete for Germany at the World Meet 2016 in the USA. The Airbus 4-way team does not have much domestic competition and has been set to continue with the progression towards the world's amateur top level in 2015.

German Nationals 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5TotalAvg
RankAAA Class16,A,12F,20,1319,G,13,L,O,2P,8,18TotalAvg
1Airbus (DE)20181922179619.2
2AtomiX (DE)14141514126913.8
3Chicas (DE)13131413136613.2
German Nationals 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5TotalAvg
Rank8-way Open16,A,12F,20,1319,G,13,L,O,2P,8,18TotalAvg
1Airbus Munchen (DE)16141414127014.0
2Sudwest (DE)13111111115711.4
3Wolf Pack NeVa (DE)77556306.0
Connecting at the German Nationals 2014: Uli Sehrbrock (left), Steffen Schiedeck (right), Kai Wolf (2nd right)
The Airbus delegation will have its main focus on 4-way competition, however, 8-way training is scheduled, as well, for the 2015 season.

The 8-way lineup will be different compared to the winning one at the German Nationals 2014. Only Thomas Spielvogel and Uli Sehrbrock will be back this year. They have formed a strong new 4-way lineup with Kai Wolf and Steffen Schiedeck, who will be the new 8-way members at the same time.

Both 4-way teams will try to schedule their training camps together as much as possible and use some of the common training days for 8-way jumps, as well. It is very unlikely that the new Airbus 8-way lineup could be seriously challenged by any other German 8-way teams.

Connecting at the 5th DIPC 2014: Uli Sehrbrock (left), Thomas Spielvogel (2nd left), Steffen Schiedeck (right)
Steffen Schiedeck brings in his own 8-way experiences with different German national teams in the past, although he was mostly active in 4-way competition in the recent years. However, he had joined the German pick-up team at the 5th Dubai International Parachuting Championship, together with his future 8-way team mates Uli Sehrbrock and Thomas Spielvogel.

This 3-way out of the new Airbus 8-way lineup also competed in 4-way in Dubai, with Carsten Reese in the lineup for pick-up team Remscheid.

Kai Wolf used to be in German 4-way top teams before he moved to the USA and worked as a professional skydiver on the west coast. He trained and competed with teams of the extended Perris Fury and Arizona Airspeed projects and finally came back to his German roots last year. He joined forces with his future 8-way team mates Uli Sehrbrock and Steffen Schiedeck for GoJump X-Ray Gransee. Mike Vetter completed the lineup. Airbus has scheduled the first training camp for both 4-way teams for April in DeLand.

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