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Did You Know...

... that Monaco Vitalsea won the 8-way competition in France?

Round 1 exit: Artemis Saumur Flyzone
posted Aug 3rd, 2014 - The French 4-way teams completed two more rounds at their national championships for an 8-round meet. Artemis Saumur Flyzone, the French national B-Team, walked away with two more highscores and 25 points ahead of the team in 2nd place. The 17.4 average is the highest score for each team member.

Ookpik Pamiers and Smooteam defended their 2nd and 3rd places successfully, while Monaco Vitalsea finally outscored the French Air Force team from Nice with two strong rounds at the end, and the highscore for Round 8 between the teams in pursuit of the places behind Artemis.

Monaco Vitalsea was once again the French team with the highest number of attended meets this year. The 4-way and 8-way veterans competed at five different meets in 2014 so far.

French Nationals 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8TotalAvg
1Artemis Saumur Flyzone (FR)211617181814181713917.4
2Ookpik Pamiers (FR)161411141612171411414.3
3Smooteam PCP Maubeuge (FR)151313131114171511113.9
4Monaco Vitalsea (MC)131014131513151610913.6
5Armee Air Nice (FR)171311131411131410613.3
6Annecy Artupox Nolimit (FR)121213111511151510413.0
8-way competition action: Monaco Vitalsea
Monaco Vitalsea's 4-way members (Stéphane Mattoni, Didier Boignon, Jean-François "Jeff" Ronzevalle, Franck Vazille) and team videograpger Charles Ferraro also competed two more times with Monaco Vitalsea's 8-way lineup this year.

Team founders Jeff Ronzevalle and Didier Boignon added the 8-way lineup to the team project when the 4-way reunion of the French 8-way champions of the 80s and 90s turned out to be successful and ran very well. The 4-way team recruited other Formation Skydiving veterans and new talent for their 8-way meets and started at two Coupe de France events (9.0 - 9.7) in 2008.

Monaco Vitalsea's 8-way lineup attended all Coupe de France competitions and national championships since 2008, except one, and finished on the top at most of them. The French national 8-way team is not eligible for any medals at the Coupe de France events but may attend the national championships.

French Nationals 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8TotalAvg
1Monaco Vitalsea 8121411101613151510613.3
2Acceler8 Maubeuge910108119106739.1
3Le 8 Cretin Horzone Clermont978710989678.4
4Meetic Pamiers45579678516.4
5Ookpik Juste Le Blanc Pamiers23205551232.9
Best year in 2013: Monaco Vitalsea's 8-way progression
The 2013 season was the most successful one so far, when the 8-way lineup (Jeff Ronzevalle, Didier Boignon, Stephane Mattoni, Franck Vazille, Davide Moy, Yves Negrie, Florian Denonfoux, Pierre Auvray, with Claude Ferraro on camera) won the silver medals at the 4th Dubai International Parachuting Championship 2013 with a 14.8 average.

Monaco Vitalsea's 8-way lineup now finished the 2014 season with this year's highest meet average of 13.3 after eight rounds. The lineup included Laurence Herve, reigning 4-way world champion in 4-way Women, who will compete with her team at the upcoming FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014 and try to defend the French gold medals.

The other three additional 8-way members were Florian Denonfoux-Pourret (Armee de l'Air), Pierre Auvray (Annecy Artupox Nolimit), and Yves Negrie, with Charles Ferraro on camera.

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