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Did You Know...

... that former world champion team mates Erwan Pouliquen and Manu Sarrazin are fighting a coaching battle at the French Nationals?

Only the back for the other French teams: Artemis Saumur Flyzone
posted Aug 1st, 2014 - France is holding the national championships this weekend, and the teams completed the first six rounds on Friday.

It was to be expected that the national teams in 4-way Open, 4-way Women and 8-way would not attend the competition. The FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014 is just around the corner, and national coach Jeremie Rollett did not ask his teams to compete in Vichy this weekend.

In fact, the national teams usually don't attend the championships, where they cannot win medals according to the rules of the French federation. However, the French B-Team, Artemis Saumur Flyzone, does not compete in Prostejov and is far ahead at the national championships after Round 6. The Sun Path Products NSL News had introduced the team on 18 July 2014.

French Nationals 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAAA/Open ClassE,13,K,L15,11,MQ,1,206,14,F8,7,B10,G,12TotalAvg
1Artemis Saumur Flyzone21161718181410417.3
2Ookpik Pamiers1614111416128313.8
3Smooteam PCP Maubeuge1513131311147913.2
3Armee Air Nice1713111314117913.2
5Monaco Vitalsea (MC)1310141315137813.0
6Annecy Artupox Nolimit1212131115117412.3
7Invidia Maubeuge12129111386510.8
8Fasten Seatbelts Maubeuge10119111296210.3
9Kindair Le Blanc811610119559.2
10The Flying Hobbits1058899498.2
11Annecy D Air51081087488.0
12Les Sombr Heros EDCL78 PCP987886467.7
13Just Leblanc Nantes666763345.7
145kro Stflorentin Parisjump466674335.5
Battling for the French Army: Ookpik
There is no serious competition for the 1st place, and national coach Jeremie Rollett is probably happy to see how well his young B-Team is performing.

However, there is a horse race of the French amateur teams behind the leader for the medals.

As usual, Monaco Vitalsea and the French Air Force team from Nice are battling it out once again, and it is a 1-point race after Round 6.

There are two more teams involved this time, after only Smooteam PCP Maubeuge, with coach Erwan Pouliquen, had interfered at the Monaco Vitalsea/Armee de l'Air battle in July.

Ookpik Pamiers has also caught up with the best French amateur teams and is in 2nd place at the moment.

World champion 8-way team mates: Erwan Pouliquen (top left) and Emmanuel "Manu" Sarrazin (top 2nd from left)
The team from Pamiers is also a military lineup and represents the French Army's ground forces (Armee de Terre). The move to the top this weekend came probably surprising for the other amateur top contenders, as Ookpik Pamiers finished with a 9.0 average at the 2-round Coupe de France meet in July.

Coach and alternate Emmanuel "Manu" Sarrazin helped the team to a significantly higher scoring level in the meantime. It's an interesting coaching situation at the national championships where the two former multiple 8-way world champions are pushing their 4-way teams to the top spot behind the national B-Team.

Monaco Vitalsea and Armee de l'Air are making their own way through the competition and are now facing the situation of a 4-team battle for the top spots where they are trailing by a few points. Four more rounds are scheduled for Saturday.

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