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Did You Know...

... that Bodyflight teams won two UK outdoor categories last weekend?

Dutch Futbol fans celebrate on Friday
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posted Jun 16th, 2014 - The 4way teams in the United Kingdom completed their scheduled six rounds on Saturday last weekend, while the Dutch teams at the Tomscat Trophy celebrated their successfully completed ten rounds and the 5 - 1 victory of the Netherlands over reigning world champion Spain at the Futbol World Cup.

The UK teams did not have the same opportunity as the Dutch teams. They completed all six rounds on Saturday and were probably also hoping for a good Futbol party, as their national team played the same night against Italy.

It did not turn out the same way when Italy won 2 - 1 and the UK 4way teams could only celebrate their great competition in Netheravon. 27 teams came to compete in all four categories from the many Cessna Caravans at the home of the Army Parachute Association.

UKSL - June 14th, 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAAA Class20,B,187,H,M,1922,P,C,117,F,N,6D,9,A,E16.21.15TotalAvg
1Bodyflight Isis (UK)15201720251311018.3
2Lowabusa (UK)1115101517117913.2
3SAVoA (UK)8168101786711.2
RankAA Class20,B,187,H,M22,P,CF,N,6D,9,A21,15TotalAvg
1Bodyflight Aero (UK)9178121496911.5
2Entropy (UK)913611126579.5
3Funnel Vision (UK)811611137569.3
4RAFSPA Venom (UK)61381197549.0
5Fr4gment (UK)513711107538.8
Complete Bodyflight Isis 2014 lineup
Two Bodyflight teams, Isis and Aero, demonstrated with their 1st places in AAA and AA how helpful their indoor training at Bodyflight Bedford's 16-foot chamber has been. Isis and Aero both also posted highscores for each round in their respective categories and did not leave the other teams much of a chance to get close.

Bodyflight Aero allowed two other teams (Entropy, RAFSPA Venom) to tie the highest score for a round, while Bodyflight Isis ran away with all six highscores.

Isis did not compete with the new 2014 lineup. Sarah Smith was not available, and 4way world champion of 2004, Joey Jones, filled her slot. He provided his experiences and coaching for the AAA Class winner. Simon Brentford also filled in on camera for Isis videographer Nigel Holland.

Bodyflight Isis with Joey Jones and Simon Brentford
The Isis substitutes did well, as the team posted the highest meet average in team history, with 18.3 after the six rounds and a little bit help by the Super Sequence in Round 5.

Bodyflight Isis launched the 2014 season with a new lineup. Ane Brentford joined from 2013 AAA Class team Dynamite Wolf Squadron, while Laura Muller trained and competed with Hyrrokkin and Seraphim in 2012 and 2013. Sarah Smith and Anna Hicks are back from the 2013 lineup.

All four current team members competed against each other in the AAA Class last year, and the 2013 season was the first AAA Class year for Laura Muller. She joined a female pickup team for the World Cup 2013 (Seraphim) where the Hyrrokkin project came to an end. Bodyflight Isis has launched a 3-year plan and wants to represent the United Kingdom at the World Meet 2016.

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