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Did You Know...

... that Northern California posted the first ICL June scores at iFLY SF Bay?

4Astrophe's AAA and AA lineup in May
posted Jun 13th, 2014 - The Indoor Cloud League sequences for June include another slot switcher for the AAA Class lineups, and the Northern California Skydiving League group posted the first scores after their first NCSL Tunnel Kicker this month at iFLY SF Bay.

The May sequence for the AAA Class (O,E,14,3) had memory only for the front piece, as the Sun Path Products NSL News reported on 11 June 2014, when 13-year old 4Astrophe Point Yannick Bisson became the youngest AAA Class competitor in 4way history.

The AAA Class lineup at iFLY SF Bay was the first one this month who had to master the new sequence(D,C,15,17), which has brought a slot switcher to front and rear piece both. Block 17 (Danish T - Murphy) creates the memory challenge that moves the complete lineup into "B-slots". It is once again a 6-point sequence at the same time, while the AA Class sequence (D,C,Q,18) could be drawn for both categories.

June 2014AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal
1iFLY SF Bay (US)17(-1)1912(-1)1621(-1)18103
iFLY SF Bay AAA and AA lineup last Wednesday
Don Burnette, Baat Enosh, Deanna and Julius Frank had taken on the AAA Class sequence for iFLY SF Bay in May. This time, former SDC Rhythm XP's Center Inside Rob Radez was performing the new slot switcher together with the same three AAA Class competitors and player coaches of May, Baat Enosh, Deanna and Julius Frank.

The same lineup also posted the 19-pointer for the AA Class sequence, and the total of 103 points is a challenging June benchmark for the other Indoor Cloud League groups.

The Northern California Skydiving League group came together at iFLY SF Bay last Wednesday. The Florida Skydiving League group has their first FSL Tunnel Kicker in June scheduled for next Thursday at iFLY Orlando and will try to match the Northern California numbers. Both leagues will then compete outdoors shortly after.

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