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Did You Know...

... that the new Southern Skydiving League added three more Rookie Class teams to 4way competition?

Brandy Verhalen
posted Jun 3rd, 2014 - It was less than a week ago, on 29 May 2014, that the Sun Path Products NSL News reported the momentum of Rookie Class teams in the USA.

It took only a few more days until three more US teams entered the 4way competition world in this category.

In fact, it was also a new league in the NSL Network that generated those three Rookie Class teams last weekend.

Brandy Verhalen has launched the Southern Skydiving League, which includes hosts in Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi, and she had a very successful first meet.

It is the second league with a fresh start this year, after Lori Connor brought back the Northern California Skydiving League, which had hibernated for several years.

Both new leagues together combine for a total of 15 new 4way teams this year so far.

SSL - May 31st, 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAA ClassE,7,M11,J,4B,H,1921,L,118,A,6G,20,QTotalAvg
1Mokzi (US)836776376.2
2Platinum VE (US)1157454366.0
1Instructions Not Included (US)587638376.2
2Gear Check (US)245316213.5
3Night Moves (US)21010040.7
Southern Skydiving League competitors at Skydive Alabama
Brandy Verhalen said that most of her competitors at this meet had never participated in any sort of skydiving competition. However, especially the two AA Class teams went straight into a very exciting battle. Mokzi and Platinum VE were separated by one single point after the 6-round competition.

The winner, Mokzi, actually went into the last round with a 1-point deficit and turned the tables at the very end. Platinum won the first three rounds, before Mokzi began to catch up, and could not carry the lead over the finish line. There is no doubt that both teams will be eager to come back for the next SSL meet.

The first meet of the Southern Skydiving League at Skydive Alabama brought together skydivers from Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and the Florida panhandle. Brandy Verhalen said that meet judge Joseph Wood provided supreme coaching for the teams at the same time. She added that the more experienced competitors were also sportsman like and helped the beginners in 4way competition.

RankTeamLeagueAveragesBest 3
1DeLand 3D (US)FSL8.38.3
2Instructions Not Included (US)SSL6.26.2
3Carolina McThuggetz (US)CASL5.35.3
4DeLand Aurai (US)FSL4.84.8
5Last Minute (US)NCSL2.5 - 4.53.5
5Gear Check (US)SSL3.53.5
7Lady Helicopter (US)NCSL2.32.3
8We Are Easy (US)NPSL2.22.2
9The FoxeZ (US)FSL1.81.8
10Team Ron (US)NCSL1.31.3
11Grippin Donuts (US)NPSL1.21.2
11Hair Force (US)MWSL1.21.2
11Not Yet (US)NPSL1.21.2
14Night Moves (US)SSL0.70.7
14Dock Dock Goose (us)CASL0.70.7
14Funnel Cake (US)NPSL0.70.7
14Cameltoes (US)MWSL0.70.7
143Ring Circus (US)NPSL0.70.7
19Team Alex (US)NCSL0.00.0
SSL Rookie Class team Gear Check in action
The new Rookie Class teams of the Southern Skydiving League did not have an exciting competition between themselves like the two AA Class teams had it. However, Instructions Not Included and Gear Check jumped right into the top third of the US Rookie Class leaderboard this year.

In fact, last weekend's winner at Skydive Alabama took the 2nd place of this year's leaderboard with last weekend's 6.2 average. Only DeLand 3D has posted a higher average (8.3) in 2014.

The next SSL meet is scheduled for the July 19 weekend. It will be the first time for the SSL teams to match up with many other teams from different leagues who compete on the same weekend with the same competition draw. Five different leagues have scheduled meets for the same July date. It was a nice warmup event for the new 4way teams and competitors of the new Southern Skydiving League...

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