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Did You Know...

... that DeLand 3D and DeLand Aurai competed for the first time?

Rookie Class teams from DeLand: Aurai and 3D
posted May 18th, 2014 - The teams of the Florida Skydiving League were much luckier with the weather this weekend, while it was the other way around in the Czech Republic. The meet in Pribram was canceled due to bad weather, and the Czech teams will have to wait until mid June for the next outdoor competition.

In the meantime, the Skydive Arena has taken back the Indoor Cloud League top spot for May. Jan Klapka replaced the unfortunate 16-pointer of his Bad Boys with a 20-pointer that the HF Chicks scored earlier for the AA Class sequence. The additional four points placed the Skydive Arena one point ahead of iFLY Orlando.

Two Rookie Class teams from Florida have only been competing for iFLY Orlando's Indoor Cloud League account so far. DeLand Aurai and DeLand 3D now both attended their first 4way outdoor competition this weekend.

May 17th, 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4TotalAvg
RankRookie G,O,P,J,C,MF,Q,NE,B,DTotalAvg
1DeLand 3D (US)FSL79107338.3
2DeLand Aurai (US)FSL6247194.8
DeLand Aurai at iFLY Orlando in January
DeLand Aurai's all-female 4way lineup made the headline of the Sun Path Products NSL News the first time on 30 January 2014. Leslie Eggenberger, Alix Raymond, Cathy Luo and Lisa Hickey met at iFLY Orlando and matched so well that they decided that night to start their own 4way team.

DeLand Aurai had bad weather luck on their training weekends and did not have many outdoor jumps before their first 4way competition this weekend. They also had to replace Lisa Hickey on Sunday, after only one round on Saturday. However, alternate and Tunnel Kicker Adam Money, was available and filled the Tail slot for Sunday's three rounds.

Sunday's lineup with alternate Adam Money needed some time to learn the exits, even though the team members knew each other from the Indoor Cloud League and FSL Tunnel Kicker events. Exits and first pages with the subterminal air speed is still the biggest challenge in 4way competition and cannot be prepared for with indoor training.

3D debriefing with player coach Robert Chromy
DeLand Aurai increased the scores round by round and eventually tied DeLand 3D, the local Rookie Class rival, in Round 4 with a 7-pointer. However, DeLand 3D, with player coach Robert Chromy in the Center Outside position, had pulled away too far and won the DeLand duel with an 8.3 average.

The third Rookie Class team on this weekend's leaderboard of the Florida Skydiving League was a lineup from Skydive City who also competed for the first time at an FSL meet.

Where is J (Center Outside Earl Coggin, Tail Jim Prochaska, Center Inside Perry Sheldon, Point Steve Hubbard) was the only team in the A Class and has to wait until all scores of the weekend have been posted. A Class teams from the Czech Republic cannot help, as they will not be a part of the new overall leaderboard...

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