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Did You Know...

... that six different lineups scored Indoor Cloud League points for iFLY Orlando last week?

Cindy Gicala (right) with the Rookie A Class lineup
posted Apr 13th, 2014 - It was time again last week for the teams and competitors of the Florida Skydiving League to meet at iFLY Orlando for the first part of April's Indoor Cloud League competition.

The Florida group usually meets two times per month for a training night at iFLY Orlando. The first meeting has the main purpose of working on individual and team skills and getting familiar with the six sequences of the month. The second meeting later each month has a more competitive nature.

The first scores that iFLY Orlando has posted were generated by six different lineups. The Rookie A Class sequence had a brandnew participant in the lineup. University of Florida student Cindy Gicala began with 1-on-1 sessions on Thursday night and ended up performing her first 4way sequence, together with Adam Money, Alix Raymond and coach Gilles Dutrisac.

April 2014AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal
1iFLY Orlando (US)15181914171396
2Skydive Arena (CZ)-------
2iFLY SF Bay (US)-------
2SkyVenture Montreal (CA)-------
2SkyVenture New Hampshire (US)-------
2iFLY Seattle (US)-------
2iFLY Dallas (US)-------
Keith Murray (right) with three Zeus members
Three Zeus members (James Hopkins, Amer Kassas, John Stares) teamed up with Zunday's Center Outside Keith Murray to take on the Rookie AA Class sequence. Zeus is not eligible for the Rookie A Class any longer after scoring over 25 points in this category. They contributed 14 points for the iFLY Orlando account in the Rookie AA Class with Keith Murray.

Zeus team Point Ryan Taylor was not available for this Indoor Cloud League competition after a minor back surgery, and Keith Murray filled the open slot. The Zunday member was also in the AA Class lineup (James Hall, Rebecca Stares, Keith Murray, Kurt Gaebel) who added 13 points to the Indoor Cloud League total.

Keith Murray said that Zunday is still looking for a new Point after Sebastian Jimenez is not coming back with the team this year.

Happy camper: Seth Claytor scoring with three Aurai members
The four coaches (Gilles Dutrisac, Robert Chromy, Hal Spence, Kurt Gaebel) had to accept that three participants (James Hall, Rebecca Stares, Keith Murray) outscored them in the AA Class this time. They were lucky that there was no other AAA Class lineup, as they also struggled with the slot switcher sequence in the top category...

Robert Chromy, Hal Spence, Steve Hubbard and Jim Prochaska were responsible for the 19-pointer in the A Class, which was also performed by a few other lineups. It was a close call, as James Hall, Rebecca Stares, Keith Murray and Kurt Gaebel finished the night with an 18-pointer for the A Class sequence.

Last not least, three Aurai DeLand members (Alix Raymond, Cathy Luo, Leslie Vath) had Seth Claytor in their lineup for the 17-pointer in the Rookie AA Class sequence. It was the first time for Seth Claytor to contribute to the iFLY Orlando account. Florida's second Indoor Cloud League session is scheduled for April 28th, and the outdoor season opener is next.

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