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Did You Know...

... that 11-year old Yannick Bisson is a very focused 4way competitor?

Complete 4Astrophe lineup at Bodyflight Bedford
posted Apr 4th, 2014 - The NSL-TV videos of Round 3 are showing how XL lost the 2nd place before winning it back in Round 4. They also include the videos of the same round in 4way Women where the Aerodyne French Girls gave up the first highscore to the Golden Knights.

The Sun Path Products NSL News then followed one of the AA Class teams throughout the preparations for Round 3, the competition performance in the flying chamber and the aftermath. 4Astrophe from Canada is not new to the audience after several updates from Canada, including the Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championship 2014.

4Astrophe is one of the growing numbers of family teams where different family generations can train and compete together. Father Richard Bisson has his son Yannick and daughter Valerie in the lineup, and they were tied in 1st place after Round 3.

Waiting for Round 3 action
Hopefully, the NSL-TV camera did not distract the young competitors too much, as 4Astrophe's 15-pointer allowed the two other AA Class top teams to get closer. It did not get much better in Round 4 where the Canadian family team lost additional points and is now in 3rd place.

There is a lot of distraction in general at the World Challenge due to the unique number of teams. In addition, there are many cameras this time, as Paul Mayer is also running a live streaming TV show of the event all day long.

However, the youngest team and family member, Yannick Bisson, 11 years young, has a good time, and his focus is only on performance when he is flying. The eye level for the observers always allows a good look into the faces and body language of the flyers, and Yannick Bisson is a true competitor.

Valerie and Yannick Bisson
His sister Valerie Bisson is now 17 years old and flies in the center with her father, while Yannick Bisson is in the Point slot. The video shows that Valerie Bisson uses crotches to walk around and drops them only for the flying sessions. She injured herself while skating and wanted to fly and compete despite the difficult circumstances.

Yannick's and Valerie's mother is always around and makes sure that things are safe and easy for the kids. She would like to fly in the tunnel too, but has a weak shoulder that does not allow her to join this special family fun.

4th member Marie-Eve Dallaire is also training and competing with the Canadian national team in 4way Women, Fuzion. She told the Sun Path Products NSL News that Valerie Bisson has also been selected as the alternate for her other team. She has approx. 20 jumps and seems to be on the same path as Evolution's three Lemay brothers...

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