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Did You Know...

... that fastest round of the World Challenge is the jump-off sequence?

Opening briefing of the World Challenge 2014
posted Apr 4th, 2014 - The World Challenge 2014 is in full swing after the opening briefing at 8:00 AM on Friday morning. The 87 teams in the 4way competition are sharing the space with each other for their preparations, and the new NSL-TV clip provides the first impressions.

Bodyflight Bedford has a lot of space available, as host Paul Mayer finds and develops more areas each year. However, even the generous space seems to be crowded when 87 teams are in the middle of a 4way competition.

The Sun Path Products NSL News made the morning tour for the first NSL Reality TV clip before the competition began and will follow up very soon with competition videos of the first round.

Ready for action: NMP-PCH Hayabusa
The morning tour began in the FlowHouse where host Paul Mayer had breakfast before he would have to begin with his own preparations for Round 1. He competes with Bodyflight Black Majick in the A Class where he will once again perform the sequences on his back.

NMP-PCH Hayabusa brothers Andy and David Grauwels shared the breakfast time with Paul Mayer. They were done with their preparations and waited for the first call to action. They said that the competition draw is probably the slowest one that they have seen in Bedford over the years. It will be difficult to set a new record average.

In fact, Hayabusa will probably not have to look at the fastest round of the meet. Round 11 for a potential jump-off (A,B,E,Q,9) is a Super Sequence, and Hayabusa will have to skip it without any desaster happening before. There is a tight field in the race for the other medal and money positions, and the jump-off sequence may come into play at the end.

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