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Did You Know...

... that XL and the Fun Flag are not directly connected?

Creative dive designing: XL
posted Apr 3rd, 2014 - The last update from the World Challenge 2014 at Bodyflight Bedford on Thursday features the most important part of the indoor competition - the actual flying part in the 16-foot tunnel chamber.

The official training sessions for all teams began at 5:00 PM, and the latest NSL-TV clip presents a colorful mixture of teams who participate at this year's event, starting at Rookie Class newcomer HF Chicks from the Czech Republic, including Dynamic 2way performances, and finishing with the famous XL warmup sequences.

XL has never been too serious about their last and official training sessions before the competition. They get creative with the flying maneuvers or include their alternates - whatever seems to be the best way to bring up the team spirits to the top level.

Hope for the Fun Flag: Kate Cooper-Jensen at Bodyflight Bedford
This time, XL presented a few new maneuvers, which may or may not be presented to the International Parachuting Commission for inclusion in the dive pool. The Sun Path Products NSL News audience may decide whether the suggested XL maneuvers are worthy an official presentation or not.

The XL performance at the World Challenge is important and has been a crucial part of the Sun Path Products NSL News coverage. However, there is one topic that is even more important, as the recent story on 1 April 2014 explained carefully - the Fun Flag.

The situation at the World Challenge 2014 may not be hopeless, even though no hints of the current whereabouts of the Fun Flag were provided after the recent update. There seems to be a connection between one of the previous owners of the Fun Flag and the current visitors and competitors in Bedford, as the photo is showing. Keep your eyes open, the Fun Flag may be around...

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