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Did You Know...

... that the Indoor Cloud League had record participation and record scores in February?

Dominating Indoor Cloud League: Czech teams at Skydive Arena
posted Mar 4th, 2014 - The February competition of the Indoor Cloud League is over, and the leaderboard shows new record participation. It was the first time that five ICL groups posted scores and videos in each of the six ICL categories, and SkyVenture New Hampshire added two more scores in the A Class and the Rookie AAA Class.

The new sequences for the month of March are posted, and the new race for the highest total number of points at the end of the month has begun.

The Skydive Arena, with the Czech teams in Prague, won the February competition outright this time, after sharing the 1st place with iFLY Seattle in January. The Skydive Arena hosted a dominating performance by the Czech 4way teams in February, however, it is not hopeless for the other groups. The leaderboard also shows highscores coming from different locations.

Indoor Cloud League February 2014AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal
1Skydive Arena (CZ)263323302912153
2iFLY Orlando (US)233025202425(-1)147
3iFLY Seattle (US)23202321(-1)2424135
4iFLY SF Bay (US)231921143023130
5SkyVenture Montreal (CA)24281814(-7)2220126
6SkyVenture New Hampshire (US)--1922(-1)--41
NCSL coaches with Don Burnette, Samer Haija, Rob Radez (2nd, 3rd, 4th from left)
iFLY SF Bay has consistently lifted the performance and scoring level of the Northern California Skydiving League group since the first participation in August 2013. The Rookie AA Class lineup posted one of the highscores at iFLY SF Bay that did not come from the Czech Republic.

SDC Rhythm XP's former Center Inside Rob Radez, former Vibe member Don Burnette, and former Arizona Directe member Samer Haija helped the NCSL group in February with coaching and flying, and the results are showing.

Former Arizona Airspeed and Elsinore Matrix member John Hamilton was helping out at iFLY Seattle last month, as Northwest Skydiving League director Deb Correia reported: "John Hamilton and his team, El Eminope, with Tom and Tracy Bohm, were here to train in mid-February."

Rookie A and Rookie AA Class lineup with Deb Correia
David Zhang is actually the 4th team member who recently recovers from a back surgery and was unable to fly. Deb Correia stepped in for him on one of the training days at iFLY Seattle, and El Eminope submitted the 23-pointer for the AAA Class sequence. Dmitry Rudchenko filled the slot for the Elsinore team on the second training day.

Deb Correia said that Team iFLY Seattle held two events last month, one on February 18th and the second one on the 28th. She was short on coaches after David Zhang's injury and had to reduce the number of participants. However, this gave each of the teams the appreciated opportunity to fly even more than usual, given the long drive to the tunnel.

Jeff Smith and Deb Correia each coached one team on February 18th, and Dave Correia joined the team of coaches on February 28th for three new teams. The Rookie A and Rookie AA categories both allow two coaches in the lineup, and iFLY Seattle turned in impressive 24-pointers with only one player coach, due to the coaching shortage.

Rookie AAA Class lineup with coach Bill Selig
Samantha d'Andrea, Irina Ulanova and Agata Staniak flew the two sequences with Deb Correia at iFLY Seattle and will continue with Matthias Kaminski for the outdoor meets of the Northwest Skydiving League this summer. Matthias Kaminski has participated at previous Indoor Cloud League events at iFLY Seattle, while Samantha d'Andrea, Irina Ulanova and Agata Staniak came together for the first time last month. Deb Correia said that it was looking very promising. She added that Nicolas Inzerella recently returned from a year-long trip to Central America and was now back with the NWSL group.

Carolyn Chow is also taking a break from coaching for a little while, and Team iFLY Seattle needs new coaches. Deb Correia is now encouraging groups who want to fly together to schedule time with one of the coaches separately from the scheduled ICL events to accommodate as many people as possible.

The February lineups for iFLY Seattle on the ICL leaderboard were: Agata Staniak, Irina Ulanova, Samantha d'Andrea, Deb Correia (Rookie A and Rookie AA); Bill Selig, Nicolas Inzerella, Sopurkh Khalsa, Jeff Smith (Rookie AAA); Bill Selig, Martin Fox, Vanessa Howell, Jeff Smith (A Class); Monica Aikins, D'Arcy Kaaua, Daisy Thompson, Deb Correia (AA Class); Deb Correia, Tracy Bohm, Tom Bohm, John Hamilton (AAA Class).

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