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Did You Know...

... that the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2014 has record participation?

Arizona Airspeed lineup in February 2013
posted Feb 25th, 2014 - The field of teams is set for the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2014, as well, and it is a new record participation. John D'Annunzio said that he is still expecting five or six more teams to enter the competition, which begins on Saturday morning with Round 1.

The highest number of 4way teams so far competed at the 2012 event. 17 US teams made it to Raeford by then. This time, a total of 28 teams have signed up at this point in time.

It is an international 4way field for the first time in the history of the event. There are seven visiting teams from abroad who use the opportunity of attending two high-profile events within ten days. The same seven teams, and several US teams in Raeford, will also compete a week later at the Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship 2014.

4way AAA/Open: Arizona Airspeed (US), NMP-PCH Hayabusa (BE), VoltR (FR), Evolution (CA), SDC Rhythm XP (US), Aerodyne Steam (DK), VAF Warriors (DK), Voodoo (ZA), Carolina Turbo XP (US), Verve XP (US), Aerodyne French Girls (FR), Golden Knights (US), Spaceland Lite (US), The Collective (US), Dark Energy (US)
4way AA/Intermediate: STF PhoenixAir (US), Carolina Dynamic (US), CT True Blue (US), Shameless (US), Frogger89 (US), Prestige Worldwide (US), Vertigo Blue (US), Fuse (US), Texas Sweat It (US), Conn. Descension (US), Monster Madness (US), CD2 (US), Hemiacetal (US)
8way Open: Golden Knights (US), Venturi (FR), SteamWarriors (DK), Airy8 (US), Monster XP (US), Konami Code (US), Paraclete XP8 (US), Spaceland Lite 8 (US), UConn8 (US), Vertigo8 (US), Rhythmic Dark Energy (US), V8 (US)
SDC Rhythm XP lineup in February 2013
The competition on the top of the leaderboards will be extremely exciting at both events, as the best teams in the world are using the Paraclete XP double header, as well. USA (Arizona Airspeed), Belgium (NMP-PCH Hayabusa) and France (Volt'R), the three medalists at the last world meet in Dubai 2012, will first settle their indoor rankings and then post their first outdoor scores this year.

The indoor competition features already the second 2014 showdown between Airspeed and Hayabusa. Hayabusa won the first one at the Wind Games 2014. The French national team Volt'R now joins the competition, while Evolution and SDC Rhythm XP are also ready to keep as close as possible to the best 4way teams in the world. Carolina Turbo XP competes for the first time with new member Nick Grillet in the tail slot.

Paraclete XP Indoor 2013Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
1Paraclete XP8 (US)2519261825232227262223323.3
2Bonjour Blue Sky (FR)2117271624192025202020920.9
3Maubeuge 8 Espoirs (FR)2218251826191822122020020.0
Established event: 8way competition at Paraclete XP
Golden Knights and Aerodyne French Girls don't have their own 4way Women leaderboard. However, the situation is still the same between the two best female 4way teams in the world, and the Sun Path Products NSL News will help to keep this internal AAA/Open Class showdown in the spotlight, as well.

Last not least, the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship also features the only 8way indoor competition in the world. The Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship 2014 has only the Golden Knights and the French national 8way team Ventura facing off in DeLand.

That will be different in Raeford this weekend. The 8way competition at Paraclete XP is an established event by now, and 12 teams have signed up for the meet. Golden Knights and Ventura are also competing in the 16-foot chamber before they will jump from a Twin Otter in DeLand.

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