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Did You Know...

... that the French lineups have been changing while Marin Ferre keeps on coaching successfully?

42-pointer world record in 2002 - 4way world champions in 2003
posted Feb 24th, 2014 - The French national 4way coach Marin Ferre has been mentioned many times in Sun Path Products NSL News updates over the years, and his brother Martial Ferre received at least the same attention. Eventually, the Ferre brothers even competed together recently, as the story on 21 January 2014 reported after the Wind Games 2014.

The same story explained the competition history that Marin and Martial Ferre had together. Both won 4way gold medals for France at the world meet in Australia 1999, with Thierry Boitieux and Davide Moy in the lineup. Then they split and trained and competed with the French 4way and 8way teams in the following years, Marin in 4way and Martial in 8way. The new video shows Marin Ferre performing the 42-pointer world record sequence of 2002 that lasted for many years.

Marin Ferre was done with competition for the French national teams after the 21.9 average and a 2nd place at the world meet in Croatia 2004. He turned into coaching and became the technical coach for the French 4way teams in both categories.

Big goals: Jerome David in 2005, here with Manu Sarrazin
Marin Ferre was not in the spotlight any longer, however, his work with the French 4way teams has been extremely successful while going almost unnoticed. The soft-spoken Frenchman has been working with the French national 4way teams for many years and remains mosty behind the scenes, even though he is always around the teams when he is coaching.

Jerome David was the French head coach when Marin Ferre retired from competition with the national lineups. He explained to the Sun Path Products NSL News in 2005 how Marin Ferre was integrated as a coach: "I have now many technical coaches who work for me on the drop zones. Martial Ferre works in Gap, Marin Ferre in Vannes, Davide Moy travels to different locations, Erwan Pouliquen is technically in charge for the 8way team, Julien Degen organizes in Maubeuge, and Sophie Deremaux works in Saumur."

Coach Marin Ferre in 2008 with the future 4way world champions of 2010
In 2007, Jerome David set the goal to win three sets of gold medals in Menzelinsk 2010, and Marin Ferre was a part of his plan: "The French 4way lineup for 2007 and 2008 consists of four 8way world champions: Mathieu and Guillaume Bernier, Julien Degen and Jeremie Rollett. Jean Baptiste Cugerone will film the team, 2003 world champion Marin Ferre will coach the team full time."

Marin Ferre also began working with Aerokart Deep Blue in 2008 and guided them to the 4way gold medals in 2010, as well. Jerome David's plan worked out very well for France, as he accomplished his sweeping mission perfectly. In fact, Team4speed with coach Philippe Schorno added a 4th set of gold medals to the French account in 2010. Marin Ferre and Philippe Schorno both won their first gold medals as coaches in Menzelinsk.

Two of the three French world champion lineups changed, while the coaches continued with their work. The same coaching duo, Marin Ferre and Philippe Schorno, defended two of their three gold medals successfully at the Mondial Dubai 2012. Only the 4way Open Class lineup ended up in 3rd place.

After winning 4way Women gold medals at the Mondial Dubai 2012
All three French 4way lineups changed again after Dubai 2012, while Marin Ferre and Philippe Schorno have continued with their coaching jobs. The Aerodyne French Girls had a successful 2013 season and are in a very strong position in the team's second year. The next gold medal for coach Marin Ferre is surely in reach, and the same counts for Philippe Schorno in VFS 4way.

In the meantime, Marin Ferre has also been working with the new French 4way lineup in the Open Class to catch up with Arizona Airspeed and NMP-PCH Hayabusa. The coach and the two 4way world champions of 2010, Mathieu Bernier and Julien Degen, have been trying to bring the two new members, Pierre Emmanuel Balages and Damien Gouriou, up to the world's top speed.

Marin Ferre will soon visit the USA with his two 4way lineups and show what France has to offer at this point in time. Volt'R and Aerodyne French Girls are ready to take on all other top teams at the Paraclete XP Indoor and Outdoor Championship double header.

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