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Did You Know...

... that Round 2 brought the conclusion of the Z-Scrambles 2014?

Z-Scrambles at Skydive City
posted Feb 5th, 2014 - The coverage of the first part of the Z-Scrambles 2014 at Skydive City on 1 February 2014 featured all teams with their first of the two competition rounds. Several requests for a review option of the second round were sent to the Sun Path Products NSL News, and the videos of Round 2 are now available on NSL-TV.

Team Craig posted the highscore for the round with a 13-pointer, which lifted this scrambled lineup (Craig Sagelow, Rebecca Stares, Ryan Taylor, Kevin Lynch) from the 8th place after Round 1 to the bronze medal position. Team captain Craig Sagalow has been guiding teams through the Z-Scrambles at Skydive City year by year. His 2014 lineup scored a highscore for a round for the first time and won the bronze medal position.

Craig Sagalow is a local load organizer at Skydive City and has attended several FSL Tunnel Kickers at iFLY Orlando. Two of his team mates for a day have also been regulars at the same indoor events. Rebecca Stares was a Pyro4ic member in 2012 and 2013 and has a new lineup for 2014: Zhills TranZend, with Erica Gorski and Grant Underland. Ryan Palmer trains and competes with ZEUS.

2nd place: Team Gilles
Team Robert and Team Gilles finished tied in 1st place after switching their scores of Round 1. Team Robert scored the 11-pointer at the better time. Without a jump-off round, the highest score of the meet between the tied teams is the tie-breaker. Team Robert and Team Gilles both had an 11-pointer for the highscore.

The next level of the tie-breaking procedure counts the highest score for a round between the tied teams, in reverse order, as the match winner. Team Robert had their 11-pointer in the last round and won the Z-Scrambles 2014. Robert Waspe was the team captain, Grant Underland helped him with his 4way skills and experiences.

Gilles Dutrisac was the captain for the team in 2nd place. He trained and competed with Sebastian Tempest in 2009 and spent a year with new Arizona Airspeed member Thiago Gomes. Then he tried out for a slot with SDC Rhythm XP when Rob Radez joined the team. Finally, he trained and competed with the Start Skydiving 4way team. 4nicatorZ member David Evans and ZEUS member James Hopkins were also in the Team Gilles lineup.

Z-Scrambles 2014Round 1Round 2TotalAvg
RankA ClassH,P,AB,E,7TotalAvg
1Team Robert (US)10112110.5
1Team Gilles (US)11102110.5
3Team Craig (US)613199.5
4Team Steve (US)107178.5
4Team JaNette (US)89178.5
4Team James (US)611178.5
7Team Keith (US)88168.0
8Team Jim Pro (US)58136.5
9Team Joel (US)84126.0
JaNette Lefkowitz - Erica Gorski
SDC Rhythm XP founders JaNette and Steve Lefkowitz ended up behind Gilles Dutrisac's team, tied in 4th place. Both also ended up behind the third tied team with a total of 17 points, as Team James had the highest score for a single round.

Steve Lefkowitz had Pyri4ic member Matt Hilson and FSL Tunnel Kicker Lisa Eaddy in his lineup. JaNette Lefkowitz competed with Erica Gorski and Marc Pearl who has also attended some of the FSL Tunnel Kickers. Team captain James Saine has also guided other Z-Scrambles lineups in the past years. ZEUS member John Stares competed with Team James.

Zunday's Center Outside Keith Murray had a lineup without current 4way competitors or FSL Tunnel Kickers and still finished only one point behind the crowded 4th place. DeLand DeLand member and regular FSL Tunnel Kicker Jim Prochaska outscored former FSC Wind Damaged member Joel Kmetz by a point, who had the 4th ZEUS member, Amer Kassas, in his lineup. All nine teams and their captains are now on NSL-TV with their second round.

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