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Did You Know...

... that former Rhythm candidate Gilles Dutrisac was out of luck again at Skydive City?

Z-Scrambles 2014 participants
posted Feb 1st, 2014 - The Z-Scrambles 2014 at Skydive City brought together once again the local and regional skydivers who are interested in enjoying a fun day of casual 4way competition in Zephyrhills.

This year, the popular event also included many participants of Florida's Indoor Cloud League group who meet regularly at iFLY Orlando to improve their individual skills and meet like-minded skydivers and 4way fans. Skydive City has grown a solid foundation of 4way competitors who put together more and more teams year by year.

Each Z-Scrambles lineup included at least one team member who is also a part of the iFLY Orlando Tunnel Kicker. The new and existing local teams, such as Zunday, Pyro4ic, FournicatorZ, ZEUS, Zhills, TranZend, split up for the event and were scrambled together with other participants. Zunday's Center Inside Gary Fox organized the event this year.

Z-Scrambles 2014Round 1Round 2TotalAvg
RankA ClassH,P,AB,E,7TotalAvg
1Team Robert (US)10112110.5
1Team Gilles (US)11102110.5
3Team Craig (US)613199.5
4Team Steve (US)107178.5
4Team JaNette (US)89178.5
4Team James (US)611178.5
7Team Keith (US)88168.0
8Team Jim Pro (US)58136.5
9Team Joel (US)84126.0
Meet organizer and Zunday member Gary Fox
Each Z-Scrambles lineup has traditionally an experienced team captain, as well. This year, the lineup of team captains and coaches was probably the one with the highest profile in the history of the event. SDC Rhytm XP members JaNette and Steve Lefkowitz visited Skydive City and provided the particpants with free coaching and information.

The weather did not cooperate all day long after a good start in the morning. A long weather break in the middle of the day interrupted the jump plane operation, and the competition was limited to only two rounds.

However, JaNette and Steve Lefkowitz knew how to use the ground time effectively and invited the participants and all skydivers at Skydive City to join an exit workshop at the mockup. They demonstrated and explained all four exit slots with the most up-to-date knowledge and experience. Paraclete XP supported their visit at Skydive City.

Almost Rhythm team mates years ago: Gilles Dutrisac and Steve Lefkowitz
The two rounds of the Z-Scrambles 2014 also offered very exciting competition. Team Robert (Robert Waspe, Brian Benner, Charlie Hammond, Grant Underland) and Team Gilles (Gilles Dutrisac, David Evans, Keith Hanley, James Hopkins) were tied in 1st place after Round 2. With no time for a jump-off, Team Robert won after application of the tie-breaking rules.

The competition for the 4th place was even closer, with three teams tied after the two rounds. Team James ended up in 4th place with the highest score for a single round between those three teams. Steve Lefkowitz placed 5th with the 10-pointer in Round 4, one spot ahead of his wife and Rhythm piece partner JaNette.

Former Rhythm tryout candidate and 2013 Lefkowitz substitute Gilles Dutrisac was once again out of luck. He had lost a jump-off round with SDC Jetstream Tango for the bronze medals at the USPA Nationals 2013 after filling the open slot for Steve Lefkowitz. However, this time he at least outscored his almost Rhythm team mates with his scrambled lineup...

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