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Did You Know...

... that the ISR Grand Prix 2013 has new record participation more than a month before Round 1?

Dutch indoor re-match: Whooops and NRG
posted Oct 15th, 2013 - There is still more than a month of time before the ISR Grand Prix 2013 begins in Roosendaal, and the event is already ahead of last year's record participation. 48 teams competed in 2012, and 50 teams are registered at this point in time. The number of teams is limited to a total of 60, and there are two more weeks until registration closes.

The last Sun Path Products NSL News update of the ISR Grand Prix 2013 on 21 September 2013 mentioned that Thunder needs competition in the AAA Class at the team's last meet of the 2013 season. It did not take too long until six additional AAA Class teams were added to the field.

Thunder is still without much serious competition for the top position on the AAA Class leaderboard, however, there will most likely be a serious battle for the next positions behind Thunder.

Registered Teams
AAA Class: Thunder (NL/BE), NRG (NL), Airfix International (IT/DE), 4X (INT), Les Stunts (BE), Shinobiz V3 (FR), Cool Runnings (NL), WAFA (NL), Whooops (NL), Creeps (NL), Les Affranchis (FR), Energy Cumiana (IT), GHIBLI (IT)
AA Class: Potes en Ciel (BE), Turrrbooow (NL), MACH4 (NL), Murphy Mania (NL), Blue Rebels (GR), Phoenix (FR), Touch Down (IT), Klungels (BE), KateAndHerHornyMates (UK), Equal Pay For Women (UK)
A Class: Gravity Abuse (NL), Olraait (BE), Shinobi (NL), Dimension (NL), The Wuzzles (NL), Fast Forward (BE), Bad Habits (NL), Cosmic Noise (BE), Pioschop Reloaded (NL), Escort Fly (IT), Newton's Maniacs (BE), Jetmax (BE), Paradocks (NL), Friendisky (BE), Team Rudi (BE), Crash Test Dummies (NL), 2Bdefin'd (IT) (NL)
Rookie Class: Lightning (NL), Winging It (NL), Super Heroes in Training (NL), Cerfo Team (BE), Inside-Out (NL), Phoenix (FR), Team Unknown (BE), Hoppaaaa (BE), Fly4Fun (NL), Erramima (NL), Hakuna Matata (NL)
AAA Class challenger Creeps at the World Challenge 2013
The ISR Grand Prix 2013 will bring back together the strongest Dutch AAA Class teams for a re-match of the Tomscat Trophy and the Dutch Nationals.

It will be even more exciting compared to the outdoor meets since not all Dutch top teams competed at the same meets this year. The ISR Grand Prix 2013 will feature NRG and Whooops who battled for the national championship title this year, witnessed by Cool Runnings.

The additional twist comes with Creeps who were only two single points behind Whooops after the ten rounds at the Tomscat Trophy and did not attend the national championships. Whooops, Creeps and Cool Runnings will surely challenge the new Dutch national team, NRG, for the top position.

One of the best A Class teams in the world: Equal Pay 4 Women
Guests from France will also have their eyes on a medal position behind Thunder in Roosendaal. Les Affranchis have attended both the Aerokart Indoor Championship and the World Challenge earlier this year.

Teams from four different nations (Belgium, France, Italy, United Kingdom) added their names to the AA Class field in the last four weeks, and the UK delegation has more than one team in Roosendaal for the first time. One of them is Equal Pay 4 Women who won silver medals in the A Class at the UK Nationals 2013 and at the ESL Championship 2013.

In fact, Equal Pay 4 Women was one of the three best A Class teams in the world this year, and the UK team is obviously ready to leave the A Class behind now. The ISR Grand Prix 2013 will be the first AA Class meet for EP4W and the first indoor competition at the same time.

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