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Did You Know...

... that both Excalibur swords are currently at Skydive Chicago?

Jump-off round for local team SDC Jetstream Tango
posted Sep 16th, 2013 - Arizona Airspeed's new lineup survived the 3-block sequence in Round 8 with a 20-pointer, and the judging for Round 8 is in progress. In the meantime, the 8way teams have received their competition draw and went straight to work.

Once again, there is also a jump-off in the AA/Intermediate Class competition. That's no surprise, as tight as the leaderboard has been. Two local MWSL teams (SDC Jetstream Tango, CSC Survival Instinct) were in the race for the medals, but only Jetstream Tango made it to the jump-off round by one single point.

Vertical 4 Black of the Carolina Skydiving League is the opponent in the extra round. Prophecy won the silver medals by another single point, and Dallas Khaos Khobalt from Texas is the winner.

Mark Kirkby with both Excalibur swords
Arizona Airspeed was preparing for one of the slower rounds later, and Ben Liston explained once again in this NSL Reality TV clip how the Golden Knights probably won the bronze medals in the AAA/Open Class.

Not much later, the Sun Path Products NSL News met Mark Kirkby by chance in the lobby of Skydive Chicago. There is a trophy collection, and the two large Excalibur swords are catching special attention. Both are in US possession after the Golden Knights and Arizona Airspeed won the gold medals last December at the Mondial Dubai 2012.

Mark Kirkby has his name on the 4way sword more often than anybody else. He won it five times (1995 - 1997 - 2001 - 2008 - 2012) and has his name also engraved once on the 8way Excalibur after winning the gold medal in Australia 1999. Airspeed now won the USPA Nationals once again and will have the next shot at new gold medals in Prostejov next year.

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