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Did You Know...

... that Whooops posted the annual 20-pointer at the right time?

Whooops 2013 lineup
posted Jun 23rd, 2013 - The national 4way team of the Netherlands, Whooops, moved up into the AAA Class in 2008 after progressing through the lower categories year by year.

Different Whooops lineups have posted one round with a 20+ score every year in the AAA Class ever since, with one exception in 2009.

The last 20-pointer (E,F,22,O) at the Tomscat Trophy had the slowest of all five sequences between 2008 and 2013 and was probably the most important one for Whooops so far.

Whooops and Creeps were tied in 2nd place behind Thunder, and Round 10 would feature the final showdown between the two top contenders for this year's national 4way championship in the Netherlands. Whooops mastered the challenging situation with this year's first 20-pointer and won the Tomscat silver medals.

24-pointer with the 2010 lineup
The Whooops highscore for a single round is still the 24-pointer (D,J,F,O,H) that the team posted at the Dutch Nationals 2010. Whooops won the national title that year. Dynamic Fource, the Dutch national team by then, did not compete and was preparing for the World Meet in Menzelinsk, Russia, later in the same summer.

Whooops posted the first 20-pointer for a fast sequence of only random formations (P,J,K,A,B) in the team's first AAA Class season. There has been no other sequence of only random formations for Whooops after the Dutch Nationals 2010, and the team did not need it any longer for a 20-pointer.

The three 20-pointer sequences for Whoops at the Tomscat Trophy of 2011 (M,4,D,F - 22), 2012 (K,G,7,E - 20) and 2013 (E,F,22,O - 20) each included one block, and this year's sequence was the slowest one. The new video features the Whooops 20-pointer last weekend.

Tomscat Trophy 2013Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
RankAAA ClassA,N,B,J,10L,K,7,121,19,178,H,Q,20P,6,1621,13,189,14,311,G,M,152,4,5E,F,22,OTotalAvg
2Whooops (NL)121511161312913122013313.3
3Creeps (NL)1711111413101311131813113.1
Charging in 2013: AAA Class team Creeps
Whooops needed the team's best round of the meet desperately at this point in time. Creeps was challenging the national team round by round, as Dutch coach Gary Smith had expected for this year, according to the NSL Sun Path News story on 21 April 2013:

"Gary Smith said that there will be competition for Whooops in the Netherlands this year. Dutch AAA Class team Creeps performed very well at the World Challenge 2013 and finished with a 17.8 average in Bedford, after a previous 19.3 average at the Aerokart Indoor Championship 2013. Creeps competed in the AA Class until 2010, took a year off in 2011 and came back in the AAA Class competition of 2012. The distance to Whooops was not much more than a point per round in 2012, and the national team will probably have some more work to fend off Creeps this year."

Whooops might need more than only one 20-pointer this year. Creeps will probably be charging again at the national championship at the end of August...

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